Watchtower Observer site goes down

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  • Kent

    Saxotech has offered to export the complete database of the site, including all images and so on as JPG. The cost of doing that will be about $500.

    If anyone is interested, they can contact me. Maybe my email, [email protected] will be down for a few days as well, I don't know. But if so, I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Should anyone be interested in the complete site as XML, they need to react rather quickly. The offer is valid to the end of this month. Then Saxotech has told me the content will be deleted from their servers.

    I hate the fact that the Watchtower is the only one with a reason to be happy about this, but I simply don't have the time to set up the site again. It's all too much work, takes all too much time, and so on. And frankly, I'm tired of it all as well. The site has been there for 15 years, being a pain in the ass of the Witchpower Libel & Crap Societ - but everything has to end some time.

    Anyone interested need to react quickly!

  • Kent

    I just sent them an e-mail requesting information for purchasing the domain...we'll see!

    Well, the domain is mine, and will be transfered to another server. But the content of the Observer will not be put up again - at least not by me. But if anyone want's it - the cost of an export in XML and images as JPG will be about $500 - I'm told by Saxotech.

    So, if anyone is interested, contact me. But after this month, the content will be deleted from Saxotech's servers - and everything is gone forever.

  • Kent
    Maybe he can reformulate the site? Or does all the material depend on such software?

    The content is on different database servers, running Microsoft SQL on a custom made system. This means no system anywhere in the world can use the content "as is". But - the content CAN be exported as XML, which makes it possible to use, as example to import into a My SQL database system or anything else. The images will be JPG. This job will cost about $500, according to Saxotech. If anyone is interested they will have to contact me QUICKLY. After this month, the contend will be deleted on all servers, and it will be gone forever.

  • Kent

    It's not that easy. The site will need to be rewritten in another system. This is NOT an HTML based site at all. It's running on special software used by big newspapers, a custom made system.

    It can be exported as XML, but then someone will need to make an import to another system, which is also a lot of work.

    I don't have the time for that any more, and - as you suspected - I don't have the interest either. The Watchtower Observer has been there for 15 - 18 years, and I'm tired of all the work. AS for the cost of running a huge site it's also a question of bandwith. That's what you're really paying for - not the space on a server. But, I won't make another Watchtower Observer, so anyone else has to keep on from here, I'm afraid.

  • Kent

    The export from Saxotechs servers as XML and JPG will cost about $500. I don't know what the cost will be to import it to anything else.

    If anyone is interested, they need to react quickly. By the end of this month, everything will be deleted on their servers, I'm told today.

  • Kenneson

    Is the press and television going to be made aware of what the Watchtower Society is doing to sites like Watchtower Observer and Quotes? Maybe a little pressure from the other side might not make the W.T. appear so victorious.

  • Balsam

    The Watchtower is full of cowards, and their pressing the host to drop his site is evidence of this. They can run but they can hid from the Truth about their lies. They can't shut us all up. I would gladly contribute, it wouldn't be much but every dollar counts.


  • IT Support
    IT Support

    I don't have $500, but I'd willingly put up $50.

    Are there another nine people here who'll also chip in $50 each, and together we'll buy the data from Kent's ISP?

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D


    I'm with IT on this. I can't use the exported product, but I'll throw in $50 to export it for someone who can use it as another wood stake in the WTS's heart.

    I've contributed enough to the WTS over my lifetime and it'll be a pleasure to make a donation against these two faced bastards.

  • Pole
    It can be exported as XML, but then someone will need to make an import to

    another system, which is also a lot of work.

    If anyone is willing to pay this $500 (or let's see how many folks are willing to chip in for it) for the transfer to XML, I can then convert it to SQL or plain HTML for free.

    I'd just need a week or two to work on it - most likely (I have other high priority jobs at the moment). Hosting it is another issue, but the site could be up again in a few weeks.


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