100mph winds

by LittleToe 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • Wolfgirl

    The winds topped 90mph a little south of you where we are. Pretty wild...it was really noisy! It unsettled the dogs a bit, but we were all alright. I hope you're OK!

  • Gill

    Hi Littletoe!

    Wrap up and stay safe.

    Everyone else, try not to panic! As I was trying to explain to a panic stricken, apocalyptic preaching 'born again christian gentleman' today, as he gave us a life to school, 'it's just another day on planet Earth!'

    Take care people,


  • Simon

    So, not going out on the ferry then ?!

    Hold on to your hats Littletoe

    Never mind the hat - for the love of god, KEEP HOLD OF THE KILT !!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Never mind the hat - for the love of god, KEEP HOLD OF THE KILT !!

    LMAO !!

  • Gill

    oooooooooooooooooooh! My goodness me!

  • LittleToe

    Power has been off for a couple of hours here, so I'm running on laptop battery - fortunately the phonelines are holding out, and I nave plenty of candles. They aren't the best, for reading the keyboard, though, so guess who is going to go to touch-typing lessons when things get back to normal?

    I nipped over the road to my neighbour, to take them a flask of hot water (I'm one of the few folks left with a gas hob/oven) and on my return found I'd lost a few slates off of the roof.
    In these winds (that nearly took me off my feet) a slate doesn't stop until it's gone right through you!!!
    So, needless to say, I shan't be venturing out again tonight!

    The town is going to be shut down tomorrow, too.
    There was a tree down, when I drove home, earlier.

  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    Stay safe LT

  • Joyzabel

    wow, LT, please take care. You are now experiences hurricane strength winds. I think about Catogary 2-3.

    Please keep everything battened down.



  • OldSoul

    LittleToe, perhaps you should venture into a nearby Kingdumb Hall and wait the storm out. Those building have an anecdotal reputation for surviving all sorts of catastrophes.

    I saw the devastated looks on the faces of many JWs after a flood took out three out of three KHs in one town. I understand why they were so perplexed, it didn't meet the divine protection standard implied at every Convention.

    This tribulation will be momentary, if not light. Stay low...

  • LittleToe

    Wow, that wind is getting up!!!
    I'm finding draughts in my house where I didn't know I had draughts!!!

    I sure am glad I didn't close up that chimney!!! It would be freezing in here without this fire!!!
    It's just as well it's not just for effect!!!

    LT, ot the "overuse of exclamation marks" class!!!

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