Would Your "Spirit-Directed Conscience"Have Made You Walk Out Of A Movie?

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  • iiz2cool

    I only walked out of a movie once, and that was only because the other dubs with me insisted on leaving. I forget which movie it was. No movies bothered my conscience, and I went out of my way to watch movies that featured graphic sex and violence.

    Hell, if you take away sex and violence there's little left that's worth watching!!!


  • 95stormfront

    Yeah.....those JW do love LOTR don't they. They're also into Star Wars really heavy. Both sets of movies so streaked with magic and spiritism it's not funny. Most JWs I know like the old TV show I dream of Jeannie also.......but their hypocrisy bleeds through if you ask them to watch Bewitched! Two shows with variations of the same theme.

    MOvies that I've walked out of, not necessarily when I was a JW, but because they were just too stupid to continue watching....Don't be drinking juice in the hood or something like that, Hotel New hampshire, and one of the Amityville movies.

    A more recent movie I could only stand about 15 or 20 minutes of was White Chicks.

  • JustTickledPink

    I remember not being alllowed to see TOP GUN! I was had a crush on Tom Cruise, was a teenager and couldn't see the movie. I had all sorts of ideas of what possibly was in the movie that was so bad, it must be filled with all sorts of sex, lots of violence, etc.

    I grew up and finally saw it as an adult and wondered what all the fuss was about. I was dissapointed! It wasn't as "bad" as I was led to believe, the sex scenes weren't any different from what is on daytime soaps.

    I wonder how many pioneers watch Soaps since it's network teeveee?

  • lonelysheep

    Wait, a lot of jw's went to see LOTR?!

  • under74

    "MOvies that I've walked out of, not necessarily when I was a JW..."

    Well in that case...I walked out of Black Hawk Down. My walking out of this one had nothing to do with religion...just made me angry. No Somolian had a voice except the warlord guy...every other Somolian is shown en masse and the violence is over the top. Other than that the only movie I've come close to walking out of is Lost Highway-David Lynch. I didn't walk out though because I thought it would make sense in the end...I still want my money back even if it was years ago.

    ....anyway, back to the subject...

  • 95stormfront
    Wait, a lot of jw's went to see LOTR?!

    They're not only going to the movies to see it.....they're also buying the DVD's in droves. I know of a couple of JWs in particular who bought the DVDs cingularly when they came out, and then when the boxed special edition sets came out, went out and bought those two.

    Now I just wonder what would the Soceity say about this total waste of money t he could've went to the World Wide Work!!!

  • Duncan

    Hi Mike,

    The best "movie-walkout" story I can think of, was actually a non-walkout.

    Me, and a couple of pioneer buddies had gone to see a film one Saturday night - 1972 or 73 it was - and we happened upon a Robert Mitchum gangster film - "The Friends of Eddie Coyle". Not much remarked-upon or remembered these days, I guess, but I remember it because of what happened.

    We could see, a few rows ahead of us in the not-very-crowded cinema, two of our leading Elders and their wives. But they couldn't see us.

    As the film progressed it was clear that this was very much NOT suitable entertainment for Mature Christians.

    Don't remember much sex, but there was plenty of graphic violence, and unrelenting, start-to-finish bad language. It was a kind of film-noir/blaxploitation cross. "Muthaf----r this" "Muthaf----r that" the whole way through. I still remember it as a film where none of the characters had any redeeming features whatsoever.

    We loved it, and thought it was kind of funny to have caught out the two Elders.

    We met them in the lobby, after. They quickly sized up the situation, figured they'd been rumbled and went straightaway into Did-You-See-that-Filth? mode. "Shocking, absolutely shocking! Disgusting they should make films like this! We had no idea" etc. etc.

    The funniest thing was how they kept telling us that they were going to walk out. "we were just about to get up and leave, but then [wife] said let's not make a scene" and "we were on the point of walking out but didn't want to embarrass [other couple]" and so on and so on. It was pathetic, really.

    Interestingly, so guilty were they in front of us, they forgot entirely to challenge us about watching the film ourselves.

    We had a good laugh about it in the pub later.

    We were The Cynical Pioneers.


  • Mary

    I was "made" to walk out of Monty Pythom's The Meaning of Life years and years ago.......me and my boyfriend were dumb enough to go with some friends of his who were missionaries over in Africa and who were back for a visit.......we got to "Every Sperm is Sacred" and they told us they were walking out.

    Walked out of Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs and The Saw. I don't like movies like that and I was angry with myself that I got talked in to going and see them in the first place.

  • upside/down

    Dub's mentality rreminds me of when in Casablanca the French governor guy is told to shut Rick's place down for "gambling", and in a self-righteous shocked tone the governor demands the place be shut down.

    As this is taking place one of Rick's employees says, "here's your winnings sir!" to the French guy (much to his embarassment)!!!!

    Took my kids to see Starship Trooper and had to leave as my youngest started freaking out. They were a bit too young (bad Daddy). But then again he was terrified of ChuckECheese till he was 10.

    By the way it was NOT a "spirit directed" conscience in most istances, but a fear of being caught "conscience". EVERYONE I knew broke the rule if a movie they really wanted to see came out. Many just went to neigboring area theaters. I knew young Dubs that went to see Schindlers List (history of course/R) just to get a glimpse of boobies. I bought both my boys a Carmen Electra poster for their rooms, and they don't even seem that focused. You should see the look on other Dub young men when they come over (rarely/school mates) THEY CAN'T STOP STARING.

    LORT- I thought the Dub way and then it hit me, IT"S A MOVIE, 100%fiction. How can it be deeemuniiized? THe magic, the story line, all of it is the product of someones imagination. Pure entertainment.

    When I was new in the troof the "Snowy River" movies were all the rage with the Dubs and some crap about smurfs. I never saw the movies and to this day I've never seen a smurf show- what was all the hubub anyway (let me guess, little blue demons?).

    Funny for almost all cinema being off limits in one way or another the Dub's love DRAMA? Go figure...


  • Forscher

    Okay. I did walk out on Kentucky fried movie (the sexual themes in a place or twogot just a little much.

    Now for a related story you might find amusing. My minsterial servant sun has been pretty much treating me like I was disfellowshipped since he married. Whenever his grandfather (who is an elder and never approved of my marraige to his divorced daughter) visits in our area, he always insists that sit in the living room and not bother anybody (I am now banned completely from his house and this is among the reasons :-)). Well, on the next to the last visit, I was shoved off to myself and it was suggested that I watch a movie. The movies it was suggested I might want to watch was either Planet of the Apes (the new one) or the Mummie Returns. Well I pluged in The Mummie Returns, sat back, and waited for the fun to begin. Not about half waty through, went the really gross stuff got going, My father-in-law, the Elder got back form some errand he'd run. He saw what I was watching ahnd asked what I thought I was doing watching something as sick as that, after all I am supposed to a Christian yahduh, yahduh. When he finnally let me speak, I innocently said "But ****** (my MS son) suggested that I watch this movie." After getting red in the face, my father-in-law went looking for my son to ream HIM out for even having such a movie in his house (the only time I ever saw the man do that. He has tolerated my son's very inhospitable treatment of me during their visits on the grounds that he can do what he wants in his own home.Apparently that tolerant attitude doesn't apply to anything as important as what my son chooses to watch in his own home. ;-).).

    Anyway, on the next visit, my son engineered the confrontation between us that he used as a justification to ban me from his home. It amazes, me when I look back on things, just how superficial those folks' worship really is. It is all about form above substance, the outside of the cup, rather than what is inside. In other words just following the rules, as if works will get one salvation instead of changing what one really is inside. How sad and vain it really is. Sigh......

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