Would Your "Spirit-Directed Conscience"Have Made You Walk Out Of A Movie?

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  • Swan
    I still will not watch any "supernatural" films though, either at the pictures, or on telly. I just won't.

    I have trouble with supernatural horror films too. I can watch gruesome crime movies like Along Came a Spider or Seven. I can even watch sci-fi like The Thing (the Kurt Russel version) or Alien. I just don't do well with things like Exorcist, Blair Witch, etc.


  • duffy

    My family wasn't big on going out to the movies in the first place, but we never walked out on any we went to see. Before j/wing our lives, I remember seeing Mister Majestik at the drive-in as well as The Sting. TV was no big deal either. Mom loved Benny Hill, I was a rabid SNL fan, even though I often had to underline my Watchtower in the backseat, and we alll watched Charlies Angels. I've made up for lost time by joining a film association and I watch just about anything, although it took several times to get all the way through Boondock Saints.(a movie made better by the presence of friens and beer) Looking back I think we must have been the cong.'s "weak family"

  • PinTail

    Oh yes many times when I was young and single. One time I got up to walk out from a movie called "Barberella" with Jane Fonda, umm" anyway as I got up to leave my seat I seen in the dark my PO at the time.

    So that changed things a lot in my mind, and I started enjoying my young man hood. I love Jane Fonda to this day, she guided my midnight confessions from then on. I highly recommend this flick to all the glorious ones on this discussion board. Oh one more great movie that reminds me of the Jehovah's Witness cult is called "Equilibrium" its a must see. Shane

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