What Is THE Number One Reason For JWs Leaving???

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  • one

    why did they disfellloweship you?

    we may give multiple "reasons" for leaving but i already mentioned the REAL (most common) reason BUT exje can always deceive themselves, me included....

  • minimus

    I know one thing. I was ALWAYS BORED at the meetings and in service. Come to think of it, simply being a JW is boring-----even though, you're always busy! ............HMMMMM.......

  • Shakita

    Hey Minimus,

    Lack of love is definitely the main reason why most JW's leave. We were taught by the WT that the main identifying mark of the true religion is the love that the people would have for one another. Then, many JW's are disillusioned when they see this alleged "love" in action. Some of the stories of the posters here highlight the abject cruelty and heartlessness that our "loving" shepherds show towards the flock. Their legalistic interpretation of the scriptures really leaves no room for true heartfelt love and devotion towards their "brothers and sisters." Of course, the average Joe and Jane JW can be just as heartless. So, there you have it! Can you feel the love exuding from your pores? Rather, their love feels like being hit over the head with a baseball bat.

    Mr. Shakita

  • minimus

    TOUGH LOVE, Mr. Shakita.

  • Askquestions

    What Is THE Number One Reason For JWs Leaving?

    Because: Hypocrisy and several other Reasons!

    Artificial pleasantries & phony smiles are abundant in most Kingdom Halls across the United States and elsewhere. Jehovah?s Witnesses simply play along as if everything is a big game and few have the courage to say anything about it for fear of retaliation and worse. True love is not radiating from most of the hearts of fellow believers. Most brothers and sisters are eager to (and some enjoy) shunning, marking individuals, disassociating members and the worldly art of gossiping. Busybodies and nosey people are just as abundant at the Kingdom Hall as they are everywhere else in the world. Favoritism, jealousy and ?one-upmanship? is common among many including the elders. Comments made in the privacy of homes are very different from what is ?openly? expressed at the Kingdom Hall or obviously, in any public format. This hypocrisy is truly incredible.

    I think everyone gets the point! I won't print anymore from my first letter............

  • upside/down

    If love were snow- the Witnesses would be a "heat-wave"!


  • SixofNine

    The #1 reason?

    No more muff-n-eggs!

  • steve2
    Most brothers and sisters are eager to (and some enjoy) shunning, marking individuals, disassociating members and the worldly art of gossiping.

    Hey AskQuestions welcome and I agree with your observation - I noticed an unhealthy "buzz" and excitement in the congregation whenever an announcement was read out about specific individuals! I have also been on the receiving end of seemingly relished acts of shunning, as if personal pleasure was derived from what is essentially a cruel practice. steve2

  • willyloman
    Outside of that, it was okay.

    gary: you one funny guy!

  • seattleniceguy

    For me, absolutely, 100%: It was the intellectual dishonesty. It wasn't true, and everyone knew it deep down, but they refused to think about it, and they punished those who did. I think all the other symptoms - lack of love, hypocrisy, pettiness, etc, etc - are byproducts of the core problem: It requires a high degree of dishonesty to be a Witness.


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