What Is THE Number One Reason For JWs Leaving???

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints



    That would be my primary reason.

    i second that wholeheartedly! when i discovered they were just as hypocritical as "false religion", i didn't want any part if it.

  • minimus

    From what I can see, many close their eyes if they still keep their family and friends intact.

  • Preston

    This web site.

    - Preston

  • upside/down

    They're retirement plan sucks!

  • Gill

    As far as disfellowshiping goes they always claimed the number one reason was immorality.

  • lonelysheep

    Hypocricy & dillusion. Lack of love, compassion and understanding.

    I realized I had been duped the entire time.


    Thanks Minimus,

    Unfortunately I am speaking from experience..... its a bad bad situation in the Watchtower, last month on the Service Meeting there was a part called "Your Help is Needed" about reaching out. Nobody wants to do it anymore so they have resorted to begging.. people are starting to realize there there really is nothing to reach for.

    To actually answer your question: The whole pedophile issue sickens me! I have vowed to go immediately to the police if this ever comes up in my congregation. If I am still in the "truth" at that time that is.

  • JustTickledPink

    on the lack of love topic... I do think there are those who feel the "lack of love" but then blame themselves. Just as some people in bad relationships do. They think "It's all my fault that people aren't including me, showing me love, being supportive. If only I had more faith, was spiritually stronger" because they buy into that rhetoric about JWs being the happiest and most loving people on earth. They think they are alone in their feelings and everyone else who is spiritually stronger is happier than they are.

  • filip

    when I realized that all the other hundreds of religions in the world, believe as much as JWs that their religion is the true religion. And everything else written above...

  • codeblue

    Maybe the term "lack of love"should be expanded to a name that envelopes the many facets of "lack of love": "SPIRITUAL ABUSE".


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