What Is THE Number One Reason For JWs Leaving???

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    Gordy: Had to attend another congregation were the support was zero, I had one "shepherding" call in three years

    Not to "high jack" a thread but I have to comment on this one. The truth is that most elders are too messed up themselves emotionally and mentally to do shepherding calls. I asked a CO once what encouragement are elders supposed to get and he replied: "from each other, if you really need help beyond that you should not be an elder anyway" Its the blind leading the blind. For most elders it isnt lack of love its working full time, taking care of their own kids, their own homes, working on parts almost every week, and getting little or no support from the society. What little support they do get are from clueless CO's.

    Most CO's cant help because they have been in full time service for 20-30 yrs and only recently left their parents basement when they were called into CO work. Or worse yet, went to Bethel at 19 and left to be a CO.. never working in the real world a day in their lives. Now how can they undertand what the average person goes thru.

    The whole system is a sham.

  • candidlynuts

    i agree its the lack of love. i felt invisible and totally alone in a congregation of 70 people and during my darkest days they were no where to be found .

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    All of the above!

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  • 95stormfront

    That would be my primary reason.

    A secondary reason was their non stop non-dileniation between what they say and what Jehovah God says.

    I began to really bristle at their finely honed craft of "splitting hairs" to justify anything mother WT says at any given moment and always attributing it to getting to know the "mind of Jehovah God"..

  • codeblue

    When I saw the last 10 minutes of the May 2002 Dateline Special exposing the pedophiles within the WTBS, equated severe HYPOCRISY. After all, they constantly put down the Catholic Church for that reason and the WTBS was doing the same thing. Hypocrisy doens't mix with "spirit and truth"...

    and the LACK OF LOVE. I know being raised in the truth(tm) that I kept stuffing different "scenes of lack of love" to the back....because I thought it was the True Religion. You know how we were told to keep forgiving so Jehovah would forgive us?

    The hugest lack of love was from a welcoming visit to our home when we relocated when they said: "we need your publisher cards cause YOU might be PEDOPHILES." That was the icing on the cake........

    A true religion doesn't accuse new members of such a disgusting action!


  • Elsewhere

    I wonder if the WTS would be willing to make public the statistics for the reasons why people DA or are DFed.

    I seriously doubt it.

  • iiz2cool

    I don't think the words "lack of love" adequately describe the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and sexual abuse many JWs endure, sometimes for many years. But that's probably what's driving most people out of it.


  • Pole

    My mother, my mother-in-law, my wife and myself have all left (or are in the process of leaving) for the same reason:


    Years of being told that we're making sacrifices for God by going out to field service and lying to others about "the Bible prophecies" and "God's visible organization".


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