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    Seeking Knowledge

    Nope, can't handle anything with more than 4 legs. I have a friend, that has since moved away, that I used to call to come get them out of my house. Can't do that now, so I pick them up on paper & throw them outside as fast as I can before they scurry to where my hand is. I don't like them. I walk into pet stores or whatever, my son runs to them, my toes curl up. I'm lucky, where I live we don't have a big bug problem...too cold, only see them in the summer. But we do get "wolf spiders" or so I'm told, as long as they stay outside & away from me we'll all get along fine!

  • Sunnygal41
    *edited to add: P.S....In my defense, remember I was only around 5 yrs old at the time

    Missy/Sarah............I was only teasin' you.........but, even at FIVE YO.........(shudders)......actually, now that I am thinking about it, I used to throw live flies into spider webs when I was about that age..............

    Welcome to the forum, Sarah!

  • Purza

    I have so many spider "incidents" that I am trying to block from memory. Thankfully I have a man around who knows just by the tone of my voice that he must do some spider hunting.

    Before he was around I used to suck spiders up in the vacuum cleaner. Then one day, about three days after I sucked a spider up I had to replace the bag. I open the door to the vacuum and low and behold that same damn spider was there and had crawled out to the ledge! Freaked me out. Now they must be "crunched" in tissue and flushed before I can rest easy.


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