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  • BrendaCloutier

    We have the brown recluse here, too. Kev got bit a few years back, on to top of the head. It was healing fine, then a couple days later just lit up, very painful. He went to the doc and got antibiotics. Seems like the brown recluse carries staph germs in it's venim.

    I happen to like spiders. Few creatures I don't like, actually. I got to hold a huge tarantual in Puerta Vallarta last winter. It was very gentle and enjoyed the warmth of my hand. It was almost as curious as I was.

    Snakes, cool. Heard a rattler once and knew enough to stop, but I was looking "where is it! I wanna see it!".

    The only critters I truly dislike are skeeters and fleas. And pomeranian dogs that bite.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Where are these Brown recluse spiders normally habituated? Hopefully not North America.

    YES, they're in North America, Ticker! From coast to coast!

    BTW, a jdub sis got bitten on her thumb one time when she was cleaning old WT mags out of her closet and it almost rotted her thumb off.

    And.....there was a large family owned department store in a shopping center that had a HOARD of brown recluse spiders spinning silks down over the entrance to the store one day back in the '80's. Needless to say, shopping there was at a low that day. They got rid of 'em post haste!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    I happen to like spiders.

    I don't, Brenda. They're small, you can't see 'em or hear 'em coming.....and they BITE! Sneaky little varmints!

  • shotgun

    Oh sunnygal

    Spiders are your friends, friends of the Devil who must be destroyed at all costs.

    I absolutely hate spiders and several years ago faced my phobia by holding a friends tarantula in my hands for several minutes...

    did it work...

    hell no...Now I know what it would feel like to have a tarantula on me...eight legged freaks.

  • MungoBaobab

    Okay, I have a confession to make.

    I have a spider fetish.

    I think there are few things sexier than a woman, totally unafraid of spiders, who lets a large arachnid crawl across her bare skin. Grrrrrrr!!!

  • Rabbit

    My youngest daughter loved spiders, too. I taught her to handle them properly and be absolutely sure WHAT it was. I bought her The "Audobon Field Guide to Spiders & Insects of N. America", it has full color and silouette views of all these critters.

    She would find something new, bring her book and describe the shapes and colors and the habitat it was living in. She was very good at this, even at 8 years old. Her favorite's were the little black "Hopping" spiders, they are about the size of a quarter and have really beautiful green/blue irridescent 'pedipalps' on the front of their head near the jaws. And the 2.5" to 3" golden yellow & black "Garden" or "Corn Silk" spiders. They make the largest oval or orb shaped ( like spokes on a wheel ) in N. America.

    Her favorite victim was my m-i-l who hated spiders, she'd go up to her and tell her she had something beautiful in her hands...then, as she opened them...this huge beautiful spider would crawl out, up her arm & neck, over her face and on top of her head ! She then, would ask her if SHE would like to pet her pet. ( M-i-law, ( Sister Eldress) of course would be screaming and accusing me of 'ruining' my kids )

    I was SO proud of that kid. !

  • Yizuman

    We had a bat that somehow got inside the house, prolly thru the chimney. Anyway, it flew into my bedroom. My mom was freaking out and I didn't know squat about bats, so mom went across the street to get a hold of a nice guy that we once knew.

    He came in with a net and netted the thing hanging on a corner wall of my bedroom and took it outside where he released it.

    A bat in Central Indiana??? That was a switch for me. How it got there was beyond me.


  • Yizuman

    Oh, another story was from a deaf friend of mine who was one of the dorm staffs that served my deaf school back in the early 1980s near Chicago. He told me one time in NY a HUGE black cockroach crawled up to the end base of the bed, then crawled to his undercovered foot sticking out of the blanket and bit his toe!

    Of course he grabbed a shoe and SQUISH!

    His toe got swollen that it was about 4 times the original size. He got treated and given anti-bodics and the swelling came down a few days after.


  • Sunnygal41
    PS, if you capture a non-JW, er, non-poisonous spider, don't kill him...take him out and release him into the wild, whilst singing...

    "B o r n F r e e ..."

    Rabbit, with all due respect.............yur outta yer bleedin' mind!!! LMAO!!!

    P.S. Remember your karma. KIll a creature purposefully today and you'll pay for it somewhere down the line.

    Ian, like I said before, I have worked very hard to quell the fears that have been passed to me by my mom..........and, besides........my karma ran over your dogma!

    I cried and cried, and I still have him in my dresser drawer in this little clear plastic coffin with kleenex and little flowers He hasn't decomposed, it is really cool.

    Missy............just when I was beginning to really like you...........FREAK!!!!

    I absolutely hate spiders and several years ago faced my phobia by holding a friends tarantula in my hands for several minutes...

    Shotgun, yur a better man than me, Gungadin! My cousin has one........the last time I was up to see him, he wanted to show it to me.........so, with fear and trembling steps and sweaty palms, I went to the boys room to see it in the aquarium..........but, I could NOT bring myself to move from the doorway of the room..........my cousin made a movement to go towards the cage and I freaked out and ran down the stairs as fast as my knocking knees would let me! I had shivers going up and down my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end! I have had rats and mice and lizards and I can pick big beetles up when I see them on the ground, and I even have a neat photo of a walking stick that spent the summer on my potted plant out on the patio, but, I cannot deal with spiders...........even killing them gives me the willies..........I have to suck them up...........the thought of squishing them makes me ill.........there is only one time that I became quite enchanted by a spider..........I was out on the back porch, and this black and white spider was sitting on the side of my apartment wall.......he was tiny, but, he had the neatest coloring....striped like a zebra, and he had BLUE eyes that kind of glowed.......and, when I got closer to look at him, he started doing this little side to side dance and he was staring at me as hard as I was staring at him.........that is the closest I ever came to actually being fascinated with a spider.............he was really cute...........but, his cousins can all just leave me ALONE!!! Yiz........I have no problem with bats..........they are harmless, as well as helpful, in that a bat can eat ALOT of bugs and particularly mosquitos! I think they are rather cool..........sorta like mice with wings and no tail........... Rabbit.........I tried posting most of this reply last night, and for some strange reason, the site wouldn't allow me to. I think my little fuzzy black and white dancing spider was the little guy with the cute personality on the back porch..........he definitely hopped......but, I really thought he was cute! Is he poisonous? Also, about those big black and yellow goobers...........I used to see them alot when I was a teenager who did alot of horseback riding. I'd be going across an open meadow of high grass and suddenly come across one..........big, fat, and juicy.........all I could picture was accidentally squishing one of those...........spider goober juice is NOT an appealing thought..............I would rather clean a horse barn, thank you very much, than have spider viscera on me!

  • missy04
    Missy............just when I was beginning to really like you...........FREAK!!!!

    *edited to add: P.S....In my defense, remember I was only around 5 yrs old at the time


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