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  • Sunnygal41

    Last night, I'm lying in bed, getting all sleepy and comfortable......ready to drift off to Nonny Land........when I happen to spy a HUGE spider in the corner of my room!!!!!! EEEEEEEKKKK!!! I rush from my bed and grab the vacuum cleaner and flip the switch...........and VOILA he's sucked up safely and hopefully very dead inside............feeling much safer and again serene, I climb back in bed and pass an uneventful, peaceful night. The next morning, as I'm making my way out to the kitchen to fire up the coffee machine, I see it............bedraggled and dessicated from numerous attacks by my cats.............no, not the same one......a totally different one!!! This one is one of those big, brown, hairy buggers! OMG! This thing was loose in my house for GODDESS knows how long and crawling around............. I immediately gave both of my brave, feline friends some of their favorite treats for killing the nasty, icky, hairy beast for me! (shudders) Can anyone tell........ I HATE SPIDERS!!!!

  • kls

    Oh yuck . It gives me the willies just thinking about it.

    People always say that spiders are more afraid of you then you are of them ,,,,,no , no that's not true.

    Give me a snake ,a mouse but no spiders with them hairy legs and beady eyes!,,,,,EEEKKKKK

  • missy04

    I don't really care for spiders, either Sunnygal..

    I can TOTALLY understand how ya don't want them spiders crawling around your house, especially when you're trying to sleep.

    I hate to kill anything but spiders I do sometimes make an exception for.

    About two or three years ago I was asleep and woke up because a spider was crawling INTO my ear. It felt like a fairly good sized one and it had managed to get in there. I RAN yelling "there is a spider in my ear!!!!" I was FREAKING out for a while because I could hear this thing crawling around in there. I put alcohol soaked cotton balls in there and it killed it eventually. The next day, I don't know if this was it or not, but I swallowed something about the size of a spider.

    still makes me cringe


  • stillajwexelder

    yes I must admit I am not too keen on spiders myself - a nasty one around these parts is the Brown Recluse - it is poisonous

  • Jez

    ew. We have widow spiders here. They are small, glossy black, and have a red hourglass on their tummy. Bad bite, can kill ya. Hopitals around here have the antidote though.


  • KKLUV155


    that reminds me of something my hubby told me that happened to him a long time back. My hubby works in Law Enforcement and had to go to a persons house and ask them some questions, he sat on their couch and before he knew it a hugh roach climbed his arm and into his ear. He went nuts and he said he could hear it moving around in his ear. He said it hurt very much and he had to go to the hospital and have it removed. He said it was the most embarassing thing to happen to him. I bet it really drove you crazy.

  • Xandria


    I hate Spiders and Roaches!

    As a children we had a badddd roach problem where we lived. Ask Tay.. we had the place sprayed once and literally were shoveling roaches out into bags. We were up to our ankles! in dead roaches. It is bad when you turn on the light and the floor moves.

    We did not dare go into the kitchen with out light. Think peanut shell sounds.

    I had a roach try to crawl up my nose, talk about freaking out!

    X. EWwwwwwww!

  • City Fan
    City Fan
    a nasty one around these parts is the Brown Recluse - it is poisonous

    You've got to be joking!!! I'm out of here....

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    How about those diabolical barking spiders? They're the worst!

  • bebu

    I am still very afraid of roaches, though not as panic-attack-y (really!!) as 12 years ago. My solution was to move away from Japan.

    But our area has uuuuuugly wolf spiders. Our cats decided that these spiders did not taste good; still, they'd kill the spiders and leave them outside our bedroom door so we could happily step on the hairy monsters when we were groggy-eyed in the morning.

    We got some spider bug-bomb stuff for the attic and the basement... did it 2x... and we have not had spiders for over 3 years.

    <---I don't care about bats, though.


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