Do you believe in ghosts?

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    Yes I have read Demon Haunted World. It's an excellent book. My copy is on loan to someone and I can't remember who I lent it to.

    I think his argument is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And I world generally agree with that. The requirements by scientists are almost as tough as the two witness rule JW's have in the case of child molestation. A child's word is often considered sufficient evidence by the courts to convict a person yet numerous adult observers of UFO events are quickly dismissed as ignorant wackos.

    I used to read UFO reports with a skeptical attitude until my family and I and altogether close to a dozen neighbors and friends witnesses an event that would be almost impossible to explain without concluding that it was not from the Earth. I reported it in this forum:

  • Jim_TX

    Okay... without reading all of the replies...

    I do - but have a question.

    My aunt is 93 years old. I visit her often and she tells me things that happen to her.

    For a while - she has been complaining that her thermostat on her A/C-heating unit in her house was not working properly. Her son-in-law has told me (when I visit him) that he has personally changed the thermostat - putting in a new one... 4 times now.

    Well... my aunt says it doesn't work. So - I replaced it again - last month. With a new digital model. Nice one. I have one like it on my A/C-heating unit. It works well for me.

    So today, I learned that she is claiming that this new one isn't working well, either. Roger - the s-i-l went over a couple of nights ago, and sure enuf - it had been set to about 85, from 76 degrees. My aunt swears that she didn't change the thermostat. Roger - by this time is a bit frazzled, and pretty much tells her that it cannot change itself.

    Poor aunty takes this to mean that he is accusing her of lieing.

    I told aunty that he wasn't doing that - but that we just want to try to get this thing working.

    Long story short - I went over to visit my cousin and Roger today - and we talked about it a bit. We both agreed that something is gonig on - we're just not sure what. When I returned to my aunt's house, she told me the following...

    (First - yall have to promise not to tell anyone... okay? Good. - I have to make yall promise to not tell... cuz I had to.)

    She told me that while I was gone, her grandpaw came to her in her living room. He told her that she was wrongly being 'accused' of changing the thermostat... that it was him that was doing it. (Her grandpaw... my great grandpa - has been dead for quite some time now... for those who may not realize it...)

    She of course, accepts things like this as being normal.

    I guess my question is... do 'spirits' do things like this? Are they capable of making changes to an electronic thermostat? Would they? For what purpose? (It usually gets set hotter.)

    It's not that I am doubting my aunt... I tend to listen to all sides - and then will go away and think on matters.

    I am leaning towards a theory that I am formulating... that her diabetes... and blood-sugar levels go wonky - and she does things - and then later does not remember that she did them.

    Either that... or she has a dead relative visiting her.

    I'm narrowing it down to these two theories. Yup. It's gotta be one or the other.


    Jim TX

  • wednesday

    Hi jim,

    I'm certainly no expert, but at 93, I would be thinking perhaps a bit of dementia. And yes i do believe spoirits could be playing tricks with her, she being all alone and vulerable. But it is unlikely. Most likely it is her state of mind. Perhaps she is depressed. she may be changing the thermostat so she can call people to come over and visit her. just a thought.


  • wednesday
  • Panda

    Yep JimTex

    It's gotta be one or the other.

    My niece at the age of about 3 began to have imaginary friends named BillyJo, Bobby Jo, and Betty Jo (yes her parents did watch Petticote Junction) Well Eileen began to realise that she could blame her mistakes and accidents on her "friends" because she was cute and smart enough to do it she got away with kid stuff. So sometimes we don't need great granpaw to tell us to blame him, and then again sometimes we do need him.

  • under74

    Jim_TX-- "I am leaning towards a theory that I am formulating... that her diabetes... and blood-sugar levels go wonky - and she does things - and then later does not remember that she did them."

    yeah, I have people in my family with diabetes and it can do some strange things......a cousin with low blood sugar once slammed a hammer on his hand and didn't remember even picking up a hammer. Also, I know that sometimes when people get up in age they become a lot more sensitive to the elements. I knew a 94 year old friend of the family who insisted it was "blizzard cold" when it was in fact August and 90 degrees outside.

    But as far as my opinion goes about ghosts....nope. Never seen one and don't believe anyone I've know that's seen one. Just my opinion : )

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