Do you believe in ghosts?

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  • missy04

    I can't say that I believe in ghosts, but I believe that evil spirits (demons) can screw around with people and scare them.

    I do have some experiences that I cannot explain...When I was about six or seven my dad was at work and I was home sick from school with my mom. We were in between the dining room and the living room and heard "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" in the upstairs of the house, it went from one side of the house to the other. It was footsteps for sure. Nobody was up there though. I think she called my uncle and he came to check it out.

    Second experience....around the same age, not exactly sure when, I walked into the basement to get a toy I think. It was fairly dark but when I walked by the furnace, there was a person standing on the other side. Their skin was a pale gray. Windows were locked down there so when I ran upstairs and they checked it out for me they didn't believe me.

    third...(this was about two or three years ago, and may have been a burglar checking out the house for all I know) my parents were in Chicago for a doc appointment for my mom and I was asleep on the couch in the living is right by the living room..I woke up to a sound, and stayed still listening. I haerd chairs moving around the kitchen and cabinets opening. I was so afraid that if it was a burglar and they knew I knew they were there that they would hurt me that I managed to keep my eyes closed and pretend to be asleep for quite a while but it stopped all of a sudden and I never heard anyone leave...although I stayed stark still for quite a while frozen with fear!!!!

    fourth...I was once in the hayloft of my barn with a few friends and we were pretty sure we heard someone in the downstairs part (we were sure it wasnt my parents for some reason) we were so scared we jumped out of the second story!!! LMAO!!

    fifth...and a very traumatizing one....I fell asleep on the couch in the living room and woke up late at night. Whatever woke me up I have no clue. I layed there for a while, and my head was on the arm rest of the couch, with my hair dangling over the edge. I felt something touch my hair, and was frozen with fear and didn't move an inch. Then I felt something start twirling my hair. Then it had such a firm grip on it that I couldn't move my head. After a few moments and I caught my breathe and was able to scream my friggin head off, it let go. My parents came running out of their bedroom and said it was a dream. I know it wasn't though. When I woke up I had been awake for a while, and saw all my surroundings very clearly, where my dog was laying, how I was positioned on the couch, ect.

    ~Sarah of the "Gee thanks for starting this thread I'll NEVER sleep tonight class"

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    About 4 months ago my 2 1/2 year old was going to bed one night. She looks past me and starts talking to whatever. She wasn't babbling it was like she was having a conversation with someone. She was talking about her sister and going home. Scared the hell outta me. Since then I have not seen her do it again. I told my hubby and though he thought it was strange, he couldn't understand why I was freaked out. That was weird. Not to mention that since we moved into our house it seems like there is this really freaky bad karma.

    Believe things are there we don't understand. I always thought it would be hysterical if a KH turned out to be haunted.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    What if ghosts or spirits or whatever are basically nothing more then an energy that is being replayed? I.E. there is an energy that causes us to exist. Well, what if that energy is somehow captured in a sense like being recorded and continues on even after we are gone? If the person was a mean, vengeful or harmful kinda person, then their "spirit" energy would also be a negative one. The opposite would prove to be true also. The reason why some spirits bother us and others don't would (could) be tied into their personality type. Just a thought

  • Mary
    My advice for your friend to make this thing go away is to take sage weed, bundle it up, let it dry, and then set it on fire and put it out, allowing only the smoke out. You can take it from room to room and tell the energies to leave.

    You can't possibly be serious. How exactly can burning sage weed get rid of a ghost?

  • proplog2

    Alan F.

    Kind of a short comment you made. Are you suggesting the possibility (not the actuality) of alien beings as the source of these "tricks"? Just curious.

    I am surprised ghosts aren't more evil. If they can exert force on material objects couldn't they push people down stairs etc.? Or is it the job of angels to make sure the bad spirits are kept in check?

    The common thread seems to get humans to believe in life after death. Or is it just more fun to play with people who have pre-scientific notions. What father hasn't tried to scare their young children by pulling a nylon stocking over their face. (Yeah. Maybe I'm just weird). I remember recording a spooky voice calling out to my kids by name. Everything would be timed out so that the recording would play in the basement when I would be with my kids at the top of the basement stairs. It was a little sadistic but also very humorous to see the terror on their little faces. But then I would show them the tape recorder and they would get a big kick out of it. I have to think it was educational too. They would see that there may be interesting things behind scary phenomenon.

    There is a lesson in this. Women were made to watch children. Don't think your kids are safe with their fathers.

    My point is that if there are alien beings from a parallel universe that can pop into our world how could they resist the opportunity to give some of us superstitious pimitives a little "BOO" once in a while.

  • freedom96

    With my experience, my mom interviewed my sister and I both seperately, asked us if we remembered anything unusual about that house. We both talked about the exact same things, and we had never spoken about it to anyone before.

    After all, we had been witnesses. Ghosts are not supposed to exist.

    But the fact remains, that we all saw and heard the same things. I won't take the time to explain all the events, but they were real.

    You can choose not to believe, but my family knows what we saw. For years, and on many occasions. For those who refuse to believe, well, that is your choice of course, but there is something out there, that is a fact. What it is or was, don't know. But it was not from our world, as we know it.

  • Abaddon


    I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I have a feeling that Alan was having a laugh. He cites the X-Files as a reliable source of information...

    I put Alan firmly in the 'only likely to believe in something if there is scientifically reliable evidence or if it's bit him' category. As there is as much scientifically reliable evidence of ghosts as there is of extra-terrestrial intelligences visiting our solar system, you can read that reply as a 'no'.

  • proplog2


    I think there is a distinct difference between the credibility of "ghost" stories and UFO stories.

    UFO stories are based on the idea that intelligent creatures could evolve on a different planet or possibly in a parallel universe. We know that intelligent creatures have evolved here on Earth. UFO's deal with a scientific possibility.

    Ghost stories are based on the idea that there is some essense of material beings that survives the death of the body - this is of course scientifically impossible. It is based on pre-scientific notions that try to explain what controls the movement of organisms.

    UFO stories include a lot of bogus experiences and poor observation made by ignorant observers but there is also a sizeable collection of observations by skeptics, and trained observers ie policeman, military personnel - aviators.

    I would put UFO's in the category of proto-science.

    I am definitely in the same tent with Metatron on UFO's

  • Panda

    PROPLOG, Have you read Carl Sagan's, A Demon Haunted World? I think the chapters dealing with UFO is very interesting and certainly worth a look-see.

  • target

    Last year my three year old grandson started talking about Dewey, his playmate that no one else could see. We thought it was just his imagination. In the middle of the night my son got up to get a drink and lo and behold, there stood Dewey right outside the glass patio door looking at him. He look exactly like my little grandson said he did. As they stood there staring at each other, Dewey faded away. Dewey does not come around much anymore because the new neighbors in the back have a dog and Dewey likes dogs so he stays there a lot now. I asked my grandson if Dewey comes along to my house, because he seemed to go with the family a lot. He said no, Dewey does not like me


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