Do you believe in ghosts?

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I find that suggestion about using dried sage interesting because its very similar to one my mother told me once. Where she grew up (Abruzzi region of Italy), they would use straw in a little bundle to keep out an assortment of ghosts. I wonder how far back this idea goes and where it started?

    My mom doesn't believe in ghosts by the way, nor do I. Ghouls, fairies and spirits are fantasy to me too.

    I'm throwing down the gauntlet. If there are any succubi out their, prove it to me.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    no. i used to, but i don't anymore.

  • blondie

    No, but I do believe in evil people.

  • freedom96

    For those who don't believe in them, please read my original post, and tell me what your thoughts are on what we saw and heard. If it was not a "ghost" then what could it have been?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I find your post interesting. My people, when they see something beautiful, they still do the SPIT thing. If you ever watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" you will notice that when the bride is coming down the aisle the Greek side of the family are making spitting noises "Ptooey. Ptooey." My Aunt Vasho came over to this country, and saw my horses, which are pedigreed horses, and said "OH my gawt, my girl, they are beautifl." Then she started making spitting noises at them. I was horrified and thought that she thought my horses were ugly.. my Mother explained that when someone admires something in Greece, or Italy, or Spain, they make the spitting noise so that the devil isn't too attracted to it and the evil eye will be gone. That's very wierd. I looked it up, and it's quite comon. Even now, when I think something is beautiful, I still kind of, in my mind, make a tiny spittin gnoise... just in case!

    I am a ghost hunter, for sure, but I am also a believer in science. My husband is a physics major, and I have learned a lot from him. I still like the hunt.. but I *do* try to disprove it, because then I can say *look*... this and this was true.. so THIS is true! I like that alot. HOwever, I still like ghost stories.. and I like to hear people's interpretations, etc. It helps me learn.


  • heathen

    I just want to say that I think it's ok to be a skeptic . There certainly is no reason for me to make up stories involving spirits . What I saw and exsperienced was an on going thing and it wasn't just out of the corner of my eyes . There was an evil spirit that I confronted . I believe most stories of peoples exsperience with this phenomena but I don't believe what psychics have to say about it or parapsycologists . Those type of people are just simply making a living and making a joke out of some very serious issues IMO . For instance I don't believe in the UFO(including little green men flying saucer type stuff) phenomena no matter what anybody says so put me down as a skeptic there .

  • Dustin

    Hell yeah I believe in ghosts. But definitely not the good kind. If you want to get some of the crazy stories about a house my family lived in when I was a JW kid, feel free to ask. Crazy stuff.


  • CMR

    Hello all long time lurker here :P

    I personally haven't had any kind of ghost experiences but my brother did. He said he was alone at the house (which was pretty old) and all the lights started flickering, then the water fauctets in the bathroom turned on. He screamed "JEHOVAH" real loud and it apprently stopped. Freaky eh? He also said he's seen UFO's flying about too. Dunno about that one.

  • Snowcrash

    I love a good ghost story. I read up on EVP, orb photography, all that stuff, and I think it's all pretty cool. I watch Ghost Hunters when I can. That show's entertaining to say the least. I believe some of it's real, some of it's some guy pretending that a ghost punched him in the chest and sat on him. Speaking of the sci fi channel, my brother was on an episode of Proof Positive, when they did a show about two ghosts haunting the restaraunt he works at. One's name is Frenchie, and it's apparently a nice ghost that likes to arrange bottles of wine into geometric patterns. Yeah, sounds French to me. :P The other one is a mean ghost that apparently pushed one of the waitresses down a flight of steps when she going down to the basement to get something, causing her to break her ankle.

  • jwbot

    I am not sure if I believe in them....but I am starting to think I should. In my apartment, when my S/O is off to work and when I am exersizing or showering, I always feel like someone is in the apartment, I hear footsteps, etc. It is always in the morning and always in the hallways. Well one time I heard our door open and close and I jumped up to see who came in and no one was there. This has happened a couple times. Another time, I heard footsteps in the hallway (again this has happened several times) and I ran around to see if I can "corner" someone like if it was a burglar (I had my crow-bar). No one was there. THEN another time just recently, I went to the bathroom and in front of the bathroom door was a snowy footprint! When I saw Mike I asked him if he went through the house after being outside and he did not, and the print did not match either his or my brothers shoes anyway. It was a snow print, it was cold snow. I always have the doors locked too btw. The kitched door (by the bathroom) is bolted locked and never used. It is a large man foot. So what gives?

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