The Gay Elder

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  • Mastodon

    I just heard from back home (Puerto Rico), about this elder I know (I was good friends with his daughter), that just got DF'd for homosexuality. This is how the story goes: He was an elder for over 20 years and he even claimed to be of the "annointed class'. Well, his daughter had a friend that all of us suspected that was gay, it was plainly obvious, but there was no actual 'proof'. Apparently this guy and the elder had a love affair (meaning they were 'fishing for brown trout' with each other) for a long time. He knew that the elder began an affair with another brother from a nearby congregation, so he got jealous and went to the elders, and as you can imagine, all hell broke loose. The funny thing is that the elder kept appealling the DF decision and it dragged on for months, and all that time he was kept as an elder. Funnier still is that another friend of mine, a long time ago, told me that the gay elder tried to molest him and when he told his father and brother (both elders), they didn't believe him and told him to keep it quiet. Yet another example of how the Spirit works in the congregations...but what spirit is it? that remains to be seen.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Trust the Holy Spirit. What a joke!!!

    If you tell this story to any JW, they'll just say "you see, in due time Jehovah cleared up the situation and removed the bad person from his Organization".

    We just can't win with that bunch.


  • minimus

    Look for additional "replacements" for the "gay anointed elder".

  • Preston

    Now....NOBODY will be able to do the convention drama!

    - Preston

  • stopthepain

    I almost forgot about the drama.It was the only thing as youngster that i woold look forward too.

  • Bubbamar

    Preston You so FUNNY!

  • Gretchen956

    Sounds like a pedophile instead of a gay man if he was after kids. There is a difference, gay men do not go after children and it pisses me off that this fiction continues to be offered up. Preston you are nicer than I am, I found the tone of this thread (i.e. fishing for brown trout) to be pretty iffy.

    Mastodon, do you have a problem with gay people?

    If I'm reading something into this that isn't there, I apologize but this just struck me as confrontational.


  • minimus

    There are some gay peds too!.....As far as having a problem, I knew a lot of gay elders. Most of them were Bethelites!

  • Mastodon

    Gretchen I have No problem whatsoever with gay people, my closest friends and co-workers are gay and are by no means offended by that kind of expression, it was meant as an euphemisn and a joke. I tought it was better to write that than saying 'they were banging each other'. Anyway, there's nothing more precious than being able to laugh at oneself and to appreciate a joke for what it is, just a joke. On the other hand, I never said my friend was a child when this elder came on to him. He was in his late teens. But God knows what a frustrated man can do when he has to keep his true nature so deeply reppresed for such a long time. My point in this post was had nothing to do with that being gay is good or bad. My point is that the congregations or the WTS are in no way guided by God, never were and never will be. I hope this put your doubts to rest!

  • Gretchen956

    Thanks, Mastodon for clarifying. There were no 's or anything to indicate it was a joke, and so I guess I should just have another cuppa and chill.


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