The Gay Elder

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    Joelbear: It's a line from a George Carlin show, it came after "driving down the Hershey highway". He was talking about euphemisms (I think?!). Anyway, just trying to keep a light mood. A heterosexual version would be: 'Crushing the Spider'... :)

  • joelbear

    plowing the south forty?

    stemming the rose (from brokeback mountain)

    pitting the peach?

  • greendawn

    There was a gay member of the GB and quite possibly a second one, so having a gay elder is not surprising, not that these problems are unique to the JWs but once upon a time they used to accuse others while claiming that they were a pure organisation. Then they found plenty of weeds on their own side. That's human nature.

  • joelbear

    cool, now I'm a weed

  • Mastodon

    Weed is good. I miss it ;)

  • Rabbit

    "Fishing for brown trout" ...having seen "Brokeback Mountain" I just assumed it meant 'having an affair.' The characters in the movie went fishing for an excuse to see one another.

    Btw, it was a great movie. It was not what I was expecting, although I'm not sure what that was. It was better than I expected.

    By the way, the movie, the personal experiences of posters here and the accounts of the Co's, Elders & even GB members all point to one big truth (no not that one!) ...'be true to yourself.'

    The social pressure to conform 'against your true nature' almost always ends badly, not just for yourself, but, everyone around us.

    *Jeez* What am I saying...y'all know that. We all do. Look who we 'were.'


  • Quandary

    Well put Rabbit!


  • BizzyBee


    Are the number of gays in the bOrg consistent with a cross-section of any specific population? In other words, being a JW doesn't make you gay, right? Our society's viewpoint in general influences people to suppress or deny their homosexual tendencies. The unfortunate thing is - look at the fallout when these people go ahead and marry and start a family and then can't maintain the double life.

    I was engaged many years ago to a very handsome young brother that I believe had this problem*. We broke up (thank god!) and he married the girl back home that his folks picked out for him. Six weeks later they were divorcing. I always wondered............

    *By "problem" I mean the denial of his true nature - not that being gay is a "problem". Jeesus! It is really hard being PC sometimes! Does it help to say that my best friend is a lesbian?

    Anyhoo - very interesting thread. BTW, I really hate those graphic euphemisms!

  • Think

    Here come the classic line:

    Why you see a strow in your brother eye, and miss to see the TREE TRUNK IN YOUR OWN ???

    I LOVE IT !!!

  • BizzyBee

    Dammit, Think! I told you I hate those graphic euphemisms!
    BTW - are you off your meds again?

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