The Gay Elder

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    Peace baby! You know how it is, it's all in good fun!

    Anyway. I still don't know how to put smileys in my posts (shame on me!)

  • StinkyPantz

    I think most people can figure out what a "love affair" is w/o saying "they were 'fishing for brown trout' with each other" or "they were banging".

    Tips on smileys: Use a colon : plus a right parentheses ) if you are trying to get a "joke" across. : ) <-- smiley

  • Preston
    Sounds like a pedophile instead of a gay man if he was after kids. There is a difference, gay men do not go after children and it pisses me off that this fiction continues to be offered up. Preston you are nicer than I am, I found the tone of this thread (i.e. fishing for brown trout) to be pretty iffy.

    I didn't know what the age was of the daughter's friend so.... I couldn't say. As for the tone, I didn't think I saw anything that was iffy. I tend to not take many of these threads very seriously anyway, in my opinion is a very socially progressive atmosphere conducive to welcoming gay people. But no prob, I saw where you were coming from...

    - Preston

  • Mastodon

    Well, apparently, the daugther's friend (the one having the affair) was probably in his late teens when it began and carried on for a couple of years. Not to be confused with my friend, who was also in his late teens. Maybe molested was not the right chioce of words, but the elder did come-on to him on various occasions and nobody believed him. And I don't understand what the big deal is about the 'brown trout' comment. It's just a joke, like saying travelling on the Hershey Highway, putting the letter in the mailbox or playing with the train and the tunnel. These are all gay-approved jokes, trust me on that one, and are completely harmless. Anyway, I've had love affairs with movie stars (in my mind) and never actually slept with any of them, that's why I felt the need to clarify. Remember, you're talking to a bipolar who forgot to take his anti-psychotic meds last night. As Murphy's Law states, never argue with a fool...people might not know the difference. : ) Rick

  • LittleToe


    "love affair" ... "they were 'fishing for brown trout' ... "they were banging"

    ...Use a colon...

    ROFL - sorry, this tickled my funny bone

    You can stop overthinking it, now, as people have moved on after your initial explanation

  • Balsam

    I remember years around 1980's ago as a JW the Circuit Overseer at an assembly was trying to make a point about Jehovah making sure people were justly punished thought it might go on for years. His true story was this:

    A CO here working in the south was assigned to Florida. Well come to find out that the man was a long time homosexual, and was paying for sex off the side streets in Florida as he served the local areas. A brother in good standing who lived in the seedy neighborhood saw him and spoke to the Elders about him. The CO denied it. Well another brother saw him picking up male prosititutes again this time it was an Elder. Well when confronted with this he finally admitted he had been doing this for many many years and his wife didn't know. He was removed and his wife divorced him but the CO talking never said he was disfellowshipped. So I am thinking he claimed to be repentent and got off.

    The point was we can get away with sin but Jehovah will make us known eventually. LOL Funny how their position in the organization was more important to them then their sexual orintation. I suppose these men could not admit they were homosexuals. The organization heaps so much shame on it. Obviously this man was putting himself and his wife in danger of aids with such dangerous sexual behavior. He should have just got out of his marriage and religion and got it together with a partner.

    Funny that Jehovah could let it go on so long as to endanger the wife with AIDS and she was the innocent part. This man was giving talks to rank and file for years. I just bet that people told on him over and over again and the WTS just did not listen. How can a CO be an active homosexual. I would have loved to hear the real details on this but didn't know anyone who knew of it.

  • Mastodon

    Now my problem is that, in retrospect, I find myself wondering why this elder never came-on to ME... I mean, I am a handsome dude, but now I have my doubts... :P

  • Swan
    Maybe molested was not the right chioce of words, but the elder did come-on to him on various occasions and nobody believed him.

    Most certainly it was not the right choice of words. A come-on and molestation are two entirely different things. Often, if a woman comes-on to a man, it would be called flirting, but if a man comes-on to him the gay panic sets in and everything is blown out of proportion. It becomes attempted rape, molestation, and even a motive for gay bashings and justifiable homocide with the claim of self defense in the minds of some.

    Now my problem is that, in retrospect, I find myself wondering why this elder never came-on to ME... I mean, I am a handsome dude, but now I have my doubts... :P

    Judging by your avatar, I would say you use a little too much make-up. It gives you a cheap slutty look that some gay men would find too clownish. Tammy

  • Mastodon

    LOL @ Tammy. I have to cut down my make-up use. I guess when I used the term 'tried to molest' was basically that our friend the Gay Elder tried to touch my friend or something like that, I don't remember the specifics of it, but what I do know is that my friend's dad told him to stp lying about such a 'spiritually devout' elder, one of the annointed class. Funny, ain't it?

  • Swan
    Funny, ain't it?

    Yeah, but in a sad sort of way. I imagine what this elder is going through is sheer hell. Hopefully he will get some help to come to terms with his sexual orientation and his misplaced loyalty to the book publishing corporation that condemns him for it.

    I have to cut down my make-up use.

    Yes, pancake should be something you have with syrup for breakfast.


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