Who cares if the JWs are right?

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  • MySuperSecret

    and my name is just a name.

    I was born and raised. Went thru all the shit of growing up in school with no cristman and birthday ect.... I joyrided in my car infront of elders...hahahaahahahahahahah what a look on there face. I eventually stopped going to meeting when I started smoking and soon after op out of my house. One thing I left with was my dads collection of books, He had alot of liturature dating back to the 20s and 30s, I still have most of it today. I read them more and more as a left the truth. I never agreed with there views on "wordly" people. I didnt like my friends being called that. But after all my friends back stabbed me and I back stabbed them in one way or the other, BITCHES ARE SCANDELOUS. I started to see just what my parents where so desperatly trying to hide me from, now im trapped in satans snares. I want to go back, , find me a girl worth dating number 1, get my life together number 2. My parents still talk to me lots, my dad was da'ed and came back, nows hes an elder, my aunt was dfed 20 years ago and just recently quit smoking and came back, my grandma used to hate witnesses, she had a stroke and forgot she smoked and hated witnesses, she went to meetings 5 months before she passed away......odd how she forgot....I thought maybe thats how it would be in the new system, we would just forget. It makes sense, anyway I wanna go back to meetings, I dont want it to be a buried part of my past, things I wish I could forget. cant do it sry

  • upside/down

    You're not baptized so you can be here? The Dub's already have you playing their legalistic games! You're GUILTY dude, ignorance is no excuse!

    Before you spout- remeber Proverbs says it is foolishness on your part to reply to a matter you're not privey to... with that said...

    Unfortunatly (maybe fortunately?) there are some EXTREME views here, but I can tell you in my personal case and others I KNOW, what you say is WRONG. On paper the WTS cares for "lost sheep", but in reality it almost NEVER happens. My family and I did NOTHING and for almost 3 years we've been totally shunned. I've done nothing except try and expose some SERIOUIS (illegal in nature) wrongdoing. I have witnesses, pictures, proof etc. and NO ONE will do anything with it. I've contact 3 elder bodies, the CO and the Society directly. I even have friend in the Service Dept. They (my friends) actually told me that I stumbled onto a "hornets nest" and to be prepared for a backlash. Well the only backlash was being shunned. I was never DF'd or DA'd and yet I was dragged before a Judicial Committee for NOTHING- hard for you to believe ( I still can hardly believe it!) but all I run into is a brick wall and silence "wait on Jehovah". Sorry- when a man in the hall is f*cking my wife and messing with my kids and NOTHING is done. I'm outta there... The man who did this is RICH, therefore the Dubs "love" him, and threw us out- THEY THREW US OUT!!!

    Explain this to my kids (hell to me)- and this is the tippy top of the iceberg. Angels fear to tread where I've been!


  • kls

    MSS wonderful if you want to go back who is stopping you go but is you really want to know the Truth stick around and ask questions with out attitude.

  • Namasti

    I remember those last few years when my doubts started, I felt the same way. Even if they are right, etc, etc, etc. Now after so many years of being free, it is great to have no doubts and know what the truth is for me. You're write-up was very amusing, though. Loved it. Sad though--many still in and doubting ask themselves this very question all the time.

  • Sunnygal41
    1) well im not baptised, so i can be here, and say whatever I want.

    LOL, you have got to be kidding, right? I dare you to walk up to ANY baptized Witness and tell them that and see what they say......read James 4:17 when you have the time. Terri Crowe-Perry

  • Preston

    If not one of you cared then....

    Not one of you would be here...

  • MySuperSecret

    I will go back as soon as im ready to stop leading a double life.

    Do you think 50 percent of the baptised witnesses are going to be resurected? Probably not.

    So why then do we let this 50 percent stumble us? My dad was da'ed because he had a brief affair within the congregation....shit happens alot, all the time. But he pulled thru, moved to another town, went back to meetings and now he is an elder.

    This website oddly enough has been a great benefit to me. I can see why people leave, and truly ALL your claims are groundless, you use a situation to charge the whole organization. You judge others, you should pay attention to yourselfs, dont you know that its a constent battle to be in the truth. Judas betrayed jesus,

    Without a doubt that trying to adhere to gods principles cause social problems all around satan aint gonna make it easy. Because I am not baptised and because I smoke I have had the chance to talk to alot of people who would normally not listen to witnesses. I have placed liturature with mormons, penacostalites (sry cant spell), Im in a very deep debate with a pastor from colorado who believes in calvinism. I get alot of enjoyment proving other religions wrong.

    When elders do wrong or other people do wrong. they probably admit it to the elders and try to move on.

    Elders have been known to go before judicial commitees, but they dont talk about it, its private, if you go up to a judicial commitee they dont announce it and MOST elders are good about keeping it hush.

    Stupid james 4:17 yah I know, thats why im heading back, im enrolling back in school and soon im gonna get a real job and then I can go back to meetings without putting myself in a situation where I have to lie or live a double life. lol i know where that will get me.

  • momof5

    Just wanted to add that most of the people that go to the Kingdom Hall here are very nice and sincere people. The elders are the kindest people I have ever met. I just want to know the truth about God and what I'm doing here and with 5 kids....I can't afford to make a mistake!

    Do you really think any group of human beings can be perfect? Especially if Satan is really out there?


  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    I was thining the "paradise" is just purgatory with palm trees.

    -wow- if you ever write a book about it, "Purgatory With Palm Trees" would be an excellent title. that was brilliant!

  • stopthepain

    well then you better hurry up.................armegedon is "right around the corner"

    bye bye

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