Can YOU Determine A "Real Apostate" From A "Fake Apostate"?

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  • minimus

    Ezekiel, is "awfulizations" a word???????

  • minimus

    It sounds like somethin' a "fake apostate" might say.

  • mouthy

    I agree minimus

  • minimus

    Mouthy----you should know!

  • stillajwexelder

    One Day minimus - one day

  • Carmel

    Who are all these "imposters"? Sounds like a lot of name calling reminicent of JW days.


  • redhotchilipepper

    You must agree apostate or not. It just feels damn good to be out of that controlling Organization!!!!! I'm glad to see so many feeling free, like me!

  • Elsewhere
    Can YOU Determine A "Real Apostate" From A "Fake Apostate"?

    That's easy... just tie a large stone or some bricks to the feet of the Apostate in question and toss him/her into some deep water. If the Apostate floats, you have a FAKE Apostate and should be BURNED at the stake in hopes that the fire will cleans the sinner and allow him/her entry into heaven. If the Apostate sinks and drowns, you can be certain that the TRUE Apostate will have a place at the right hand of Gawd in heaven.

    Either way, you have reason to rejoice!

  • Valis

    Whatever Elsewhere...I tried drowning you w/new cement slippers then you kept coming up and taunting me...then you walked on water and just laughed and laughed...Go rapture yourself ahole!


    District Overbeer

  • MungoBaobab

    This thread is like on of those old hip-hop songs, where they'd have a rap battle about who is the fake MC. Yo DJ! Gimme a beat, son.

    I'm a real apostate

    Ain't one of the fakes

    Can't dig Franz's books

    But they love their Awakes

    Ain't none of them true

    Keep actin' a foo

    Be checkin' they props

    For the Ministry School

    I don't wanna hate

    But I gotta relate

    It's a fact of life

    I'm a REAL apostate

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