Can YOU Determine A "Real Apostate" From A "Fake Apostate"?

by minimus 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    So often , on this board, we see imposters claiming to be interested in learning the truth about the "truth". They may seem to genuinely want to know things and they might ask thought-provoking questions.....So how do you know if the person you're dealing with is the real deal or not?? Any tips to help us know who those "fake apostates" are?? (Just for your own information, I'm a "real apostate".

  • iiz2cool

    I don't trust anyone until I've gotten shitfaced with them at least 3 times.


  • bebu

    Never having been a JW, I'm in a different situation. I don't have anything to lose (I would still like to keep my identity anonymous, tho!). Therefore, I can take a poster at face-value until they start showing an ulterior motive. If they are not sincere in their questions, then at least they have been given answers to haunt them. If they are only here for unearthing identities... then I think that those who have the most to lose should be circumspect in the info they give, and the pictures they put up, etc.

    No one has to hide identities on Baptist or Catholic or other Christian boards. The WTS is a cult.


  • Elsewhere

    Are you talking about an apostate Apostate??? *** GASP ***

  • Swan


    I believe that a real apostate doesn't need to announce the fact that they are a real apostate. Only a fake apostate would do that.

    Just for your own information, I'm a "real apostate".
  • frenchbabyface

    I don't care in fact (if they are real apostate or not = what does it mean exactly anyway ?) ... I'm just interacting with people ... time always finally tells !

  • minimus

    Good one Walter!!

  • mouthy

    Raises my Hand!! I am a real Apostate.... Well Walter how DARe you!!!! I met you once are you saying I had a shitface?????? Ruddy nerve mate!!!! Remind me not to see you again... I dont have any paper!!!!! ( he!he!


    It would depend on how much polyester they were wearing.


  • kwintestal
    It would depend on how much polyester they were wearing.

    hehe Don't forget the mop in hand as well.

    Real apostate, fake apostate...whatever? What can an apostate wannabe do to me?


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