How did you feel when you learned it was all a lie?

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  • itsallgoodnow

    I was so relieved and delighted to find out it wasn't for real. I always expected I would die at Armageddon because I never really gave it everything I had. I'm so glad I didn't or I would probably still believe it. Then I was really angry that my whole life was screwed up by a bunch of lies. Still kinda pissed about that... but I think I have come around mostly to acceptance. These things happen. This isn't the only cult out there, and even mainstream religions can be pretty bad for people.

    I'm just so glad I found out.

  • Grog

    I sort of started drifting when I moved out when I was 18 I still believed everything and didn't really stop going to meetings until I was probably around 21 years old. I just decided myself that it wasn't for me.. and that the witnessess where just confused as a whole. However... now I am very very angry. My parents are baptized but none of my other 5 siblings are (i'm the oldest) Just in the last year 3 of my siblings have a renewed sense of faith and are starting studies and what not (becuase of hall and parental influence) Since that time I started doing some research and found this site. Now I realize I was in a mind control cult.. and my family is still very much stuck in it. That makes me very angry and unsure how to deal with it...I am still very much involved with my family. So I guess just angry and wanting to find a way to rescue my family.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I felt relieved to be free of a dark oppression of the mind that had been engulfing me like a fog....

    I dont understand those of you who were and are still angry.... at who? those who are in are believers as you once were...

    are you angry at yourself?

    sure, some may suspect its all a con job, but then so did we before we were clear enough in our own mind to leave....would you blame yourself?

  • seattleniceguy

    When I first realized it was untrue, that it was definitely not true, I was shocked.

    When I began to realize the sense of equilibrium that comes from not forcing yourself to believe untrue things, I felt immense relief and tranquility.

    When I gradually came to understand the depths of deception the Society practiced, I became angry that I had been duped for so long.

    When I learned how much the WT culture hurts people in the organization, I felt outrage mixed with real pathos.

    Now I feel tremendous happiness that I have moved on, and I have hope that my friends and family will someday do the same.


  • Alwayshere

    When I seen it was a lie I really didn't want to believe it.My first thoughts were "what am I going to do" then I started thinking "what do I mean what am I going to to do." I knew I had to get out no matter what the cost and so far the cost hasn't been too bad but it may get that way later.It has been almost a year since I left.One son and his wife is out but I still have Kids and grandkids in it.I am happy to know the truth but at the same time sad because so many sincere ones are in.It's even worse knowing you can't do much to help them. Well that's my story. I am new at this so want to tell all hi and hope to get acquainted.

  • seattleniceguy

    Hello, Alwayshere! Congratulations on getting out, and welcome to the board!


  • what_Truth?

    yeah, I can see how people would be angry and bitter. There was one guy in my old hall who had graduated top of his high school. His grades were in the top 90's and he had been offered a full scholarship to Waterloo University in Ontario. He turned it down to become a pioneer. Last I heard was working as a mailman. If that man realizes the truth about the org he's also going to realize that he has wasted the only chance he ever had to really do something useful with his life. That would cause ANYONE to be bitter. (no offense to any mailmen on the board though). Also, once enlightened it's only normal to be angry at an organization that will make you choose between following an oppresive doctrine you know to be a lie or be shunned by all of your family and friends. Luckily for me I was enlightened at a young enough age that I really didn't miss out on any important oportunities. I also never made the mistake of getting baptized which means that I can't be disfellowshipped. Finally, most of my immediate family, including my parents, have all left the borg for one reason or another. The only person that stayed in was my older sister. I should probably shut up before I start inspiring some jealousy here.

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    Firstly, disgusted with myself for having been duped for so long.

    (Ten years after breaking with them, I am still trying to figure out how I managed to fall for it).

    I was also worried as to how to extricate myself - in the end, this cost me my family.

    Of course - I remain angry as all hell for having my life totally screwed up by a bunch of old #*$^&s in Brooklyn!

  • Dan-O

    I guess that's the thing: ALL a lie? Nope. I don't think so. Do I think the Dubs are full of shit in comparison to other faiths? Sure. Do I think they're full of shit when asked to stand on their own? Sure. But I don't think that everything I was taught while growing up is a lie. I think I learned a lot of good life lessons along the way, some of which are in sync with Dubdom.

  • seattleniceguy

    Hello Reefton,

    Lot of new people on this thread! Sorry to hear about your family. You mentioned you find yourself still wondering how you fell for it...You might check out - It has some really good articles. Here's one on the JW indoctrination process I found really helpful.

    Anyway, welcome to the board!


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