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  • vitty

    Now wishful thinking is different from the facts, but in our age of technology, which is pretty new!

    How long do you think the WTs got before the "truth" is out ? ( I hope its soon)

    or is it now like any other religion now, destined to be around for ever?

    We all know the increase has slowed down and the nearly everyone has got access to the internet so how long do YOU think?

  • Leolaia

    I give it only 45 minutes longer. (w/ apologies to Mr. Blair)

  • iiz2cool

    In the Truth? the light of truth? keeps getting brighter and brighter. That's why so many are leaving.

    But there will always be people who want black and white answers to everything, even if the answers are wrong. As long as there are people like that, the Watchtower will have its niche, sad to say.


  • hillbilly

    I think the growth years are over..... It will take years for the core to rot away.

    In 10 years they will be doing business in a radically different way that in the past..... in 50 they will be a shell.


  • vitty

    I hope so hillbilly, no hope for my kids and grandchildren them?????

  • cab1000

    I see no end.

  • Joyzabel

    Unfortunately, think of all the atrocities the Catholic church has done over the hundreds and hundreds of years it has been in existence.

    The dangling carrot of the WTBTs is what JW's want otherwise they wouldn't be JWs. (Paradise earth, live forever, etc)

    All I hope for is that the harsh doctrines of the WTBTs be done away with, i.e. blood issue, shunning, harboring pedophiles (I know that's harsh, but when you don't report child abuse, you are horboring) closed group attitude (jws vs the world). Let the JWs become more main stream and tolerant of others, yes even family members, then it won't have the harsh control over people.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • Dansk

    I really can't see Watchtower surviving much longer due to the power of the internet. While Watchtower has a habit of changing dates and could get away with it in the past by conning the next generation who had no idea of its past history, the internet has exposed all its previous teachings and the old information is there for all to see. Thankfully, the young generation of today is really clued up with the internet and access to it is virtually everywhere.

    This site and Randy Watters' lead the way in bringing the truth about "The Truth" right out into the open. In my own area I barely see a JW these days, where once upon a time I couldn't drive up a street without seeing one! Great news, eh!!


  • gitasatsangha

    Religions have amazing staying power. That there are still Manicheans in Iraq, Zoroastrianists in Iran, and indiginous shamans in North America is proof of that. I don't know that the Watchtower will ever completely be killed. But it will change, and it will probably diminish, barring some major transformation.

  • avishai

    As long as gullibility and unreasonable religious views created by illiterate shepherds 5,000 ago exist

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