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  • formerout

    When you look at what happened with the "generation alive in 1914" teaching and how many people accepted that major change without batting an eye, it becomes pretty evident that people will continue to hold onto delusional thoughts forever.

    But, right or wrong (and most here know it's almost all wrong ;) ), they exert great control over their followers and it's either you're in or out. Most people are too scared to accept the "out" part that they know is inevitable if they leave.


  • Simon

    How snappy / convincing will it be to talk about "this Generation" and 1914 ... in 2014 ? (not that long to go)

    "God's Kingdom ... around the corner for over 100 years" just isn't as captivating is it?!

    Of course they have already dropped the generation ... it's just that the doped up rank and file haven't realised it yet. That is the beauty of religion - once you have people anaesthetised (sp) with it you don't even have to beother to try and have it make any sense ... it can be logically warped and the masses will still swallow it.

    "God, save me from your followers"


    Religion is the Opium of the mass`s,or people,as Simon likes to say it(must be an English thing lol!) WBTS is no different.Very few active dubs truly know whats going on in their organization,nor do they want to know...Some have been there so long they are institutanalized,there is no other place for them to go.All their friends are at the Kingdom Hall they have spent their lives at,and they are too old to start over.The best we can do is to be there for those looking for a way out...OUTLAW

  • one

    After all old timers died, including gb of course then re-engineering will take effect. The motivation is kown already, the truth about the truth is known. A new foundation is being laid down since 1995, "no generation".

    When gb die then someone will have to take the bull by the horns and rectify everything,

    a true apology. and transform the cult into something different, it happens everyday (russia and china are not the same anymore) (there is no more east and west Berlin), even the usa social security will have to be transformed.

    possible less religion and more rituals to satisfy the never ending group of empty headed human beings.

    No choice the internet is here and will stay to make sure the paper trail left by the wt is fully visible and readable.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    The watchtower is changing every day they just don't tell anyone. So for all of you that say it is outdated you are wrong. The watchtower can last another 50 years at least. It is the JWs that will have to change. We have gotten terribly inept, and stupid. If we don't change the watchtower may very well leave us and go at it alone, since legally it is already deep into that direction.

  • gitasatsangha


    Anyone left that can post reasonable responces, without fear of being modded out of existance, is you and your relic of a board a favor.

  • garybuss

    Now the Watch Tower Corporation's focus is control and purity and that policy has them all but stagnant. When they switch their goal to growth and on being friendly and letting the people have some fun things like live bands at assemblies and picnics, they could go back to huge growths. The Witnesses work harder to piss people off and make enemies than many groups work to make friends and welcome people.


    "The Watchtower is changing every day they just don`t tell anyone." LOL! Like When they didn`t tell anyone they had joined the United Nations NGO..Or when they were forced to quit the United Nations NGO because they had been found out..Or when they kept the pedphile problem a big secret until so many came forward it became international news..Or how about the 50% interest they have in the Rand Cam engine corp.The same company that makes engines for remote planes for the U.S.Navy...It`s true,many dubs are inept and stupid,but with a little effort on their part,they can educate themselves about the corruptions of the WBTS...OUTLAW


    Hey Gitasatsangh,Your being a jerk and your starting to piss me off!! ..Simons a good guy,that is why he is so well liked on this board.We are allowed freedom of speach here,thanks to him.Don`t abuse that privilage,as you will not find it on many dub boards..If you get tossed it will be your own doing...OUTLAW

  • gitasatsangha

    Outlaw, punk, when you learn better and discoer that things are not always what the seem, you'll also find I'm a better man then the type that says I told ya so.

    But remember I told ya so.

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