There is NO annual service report in the Janaury 1st WT

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  • minimus

    Well Dave, when WE were elders, WE threatened them with deletion. Go wee on yourself, brother.

  • AlanF

    : One elder/pioneer who worked with my husband taught him to do "the pioneer stroll".

    Ain't it the truth. I learned about the "pioneer strut" in the late 1960s from pioneers. I thought it was a joke at first, until I saw it put into practice. "Slow down!" they'd tell me.


  • seven006

    Min, That's kind of like biting the hand that shines your congregations door knob isn't it? Idle threats are a joke. We didn't actually carry through with any on the pioneer prides of the congregation did we? Sorry man, I just have a hard time seeing you as an elder, you're about as serious as a hang nail. That was meant as a complement and a joke, so don't go getting all Farkel on me.

  • seattleniceguy

    : One elder/pioneer who worked with my husband taught him to do "the pioneer stroll".

    That drove me mad! The feeling of absolute waste, of vanity, of doing nothing and trying to stretch it into something - the only time I've ever seen anything done like that before or since was when I worked for the government, helping with the census 2000. And it drove me nuts there, too.


  • ozziepost
    I'm still convinced that the Internet is the JW's biggest bugaboo. There's no way that JWs exposed to the massive amount of information available can avoid being exposed to plenty of stuff -- most of it not even specifically related to JWs -- to make them sit up and think. Eventually the JWs, I'm sure, will be comprised of the terminally braindead who'd just as soon believe the earth is flat as believe that WTS cult leaders speak for God.

    That's our feeling downunder too. When the dubs contact an "inyerested person" with a PC what's their natural inclination? Yep, check under "Jehovahs Witnesses" using a search engine and they''' be directed to sites like this. Way to go!

  • metatron

    Look for two things when the report is finally published:

    First, if the rate of growth is very low, there will likely be a LOT of countries with zero

    or negative numbers. This alone may have them worried and may have been the reason

    they tried so hard to fudge the figures upward with 15 minute publishers. Suppose you live

    in Northern Europe and read that your country is in decline - what do you say? how do you feel?

    Like giving up, no doubt.

    Secondly, watch to see what figures they emphasize - and those they de-emphasize.

    They may be getting wary about reporting figures that they know are bogus , such

    as "worldwide publishers". ( Too many people like me being fake publishers!)

    Finally, take note that yet another Witness tradition has been dumped . They

    got rid of US subscriptions - and now timely reporting of stats in Jan. Religions

    depend on traditions, even irrational ones, for their identity. The more they get rid

    of the better for us.


  • minimus

    Bottom line---"We", when "we" were elders, told pioneers that either they had to set an example or stop pioneering. One regular pioneer who was questioned by everyone in the congregation as to how he possibly could get his time in, was "talked to" by the elders and decided it was best that he stop pioneering and instead just "be a good publisher". 3 years later he was appointed an elder because now he was not pioneering and was a "good example" in the ministry.....Go figure, huh?

  • Prefect

    The report is in the Febuary 1st WT

  • setfree

    If there is an increase its probably as one elder mentioned " the people coming into the U.S. from Mexico are really hungry for the "truth". He has noticed how since he's been going to the spanish speaking congregation, he's really experienced the "brotherly love" that he has been missing in the english meetings. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

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