There is NO annual service report in the Janaury 1st WT

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  • one


    elders or anyone else talk about " your service report or making sure it was accurate"

    never, do you think they are THAT stupid?


    "Eventually the JWs, I'm sure, will be comprised of the terminally braindead who'd just as soon believe the earth is flat as believe that WTS cult leaders speak for God."

    How soon do you think is "eventually"?, around the corner? go INTERNET

  • seattleniceguy

    I remember being out in service and hearing the story about a new publisher who was out in service for the first time. She took a stopwatch with her and started it when the householder opened the door, and stopped it when the conversation was over. After the morning was through, her biggest question was, "How on earth does anyone get pioneer hours?"

    But that story got me thinking. It would really be impossible to get more than an hour or two per month if you actually counted the time spent talking to people. And the methods used in the US virtually guarantee that very few people will be met per hour. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that for every person-hour reported, perhaps only one or two person-minutes is spent in conversation with a potential convert. Of course, a few people are more effective than the rest, but on average, I think this is realistic.

    Which means, of course, that to find the true number of hours spent preaching, we should divide the reported time by something between 30 and 60. Suddenly that 1.2 billion hours doesn't seem so impressive anymore!

  • metatron

    I'm still a fake publisher. You gotta remember to put in at least one hour every six months, so that you fall off

    the elder's list for a mandatory visit. It's simple, it works.


  • one

    what the world would be like if employees, baseball players, consutants, teachers, corporate speakers etc get pay based on that kind of effectiveness,

    the whole drama has always been a joke and a yoke

  • minimus

    Inactive is even better, Met.

  • Pole


    Suddenly that 1.2 billion hours doesn't seem so impressive anymore!

    What will be real fun to see is when they have 0 percent growth with 1.2 billion hours in field service. I think at that stage they will decide not to include the field service hours statistics.


    I'm still convinced that the Internet is the JW's biggest bugaboo. There's no way that JWs exposed to the massive amount of information available can avoid being exposed to plenty of stuff -- most of it not even specifically related to JWs -- to make them sit up and think.

    This applies to non-English speaking countries as well. I am a point in case (+ several young witnesses I know). I had had serious doubts before I went to the internet. However it was the great wealth of simple, direct, irrefutable information about the internal workings of the WTS that helped me make the final decision. My last 5 service reports were fake. I and my wife have not reported service time for the last two months and we're not going to report/go to meetings again.

    This will only have some bearing on the 2005 service report, though .


  • Englishman
    Now, as many of us had thought, the trend is continuing as the effects of 9/11 fizzle out and the book-cooking has no more effect.

    Wow..Osama kept the numbers up.


  • minimus

    We've given many talks over the years, Seven, about proper reporting of time....Threatened a few pioneers with deletion because we knew they fudged numbers.

  • wizedup

    One elder/pioneer who worked with my husband taught him to do "the pioneer stroll". That's how he got his time in. The street was a small block and it took all morning at a shuffles pace. He frequently lowered his bag to the ground to chat, then leisurely continued to the next house. It was a great way to count time however, not enough energy exerted to consider it exercise. All in all it didn't do anyone any good.

    Looked good for the CO tho'.

  • seven006

    Min, what did WE threaten them with? Cutting down on the amount of McDonald's gift certificates WE gave them? Min, you're out, you can stop Weing now.


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