There is NO annual service report in the Janaury 1st WT

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    That report was silly and inaccurate at best.


  • one

    I as far as i know all data is trasmitted electronically to Brooklyn,...

    So the real reason is not to dilute (or actually dilute?) the report with the "celebration" of the delivery of Bush's renewed chair. It got worn out after an elephants and a dunkey seating on it, you know.

    BEDsides, I can't figure why bUSH dont like camels, after all a camel is just an overgrown dunkey. In fact it is the result of the pentagon efforts in trying to re-desing the dunkey for exporting.

    did i go on tangent here ?

  • minimus

    I'm with Amazing on this one! It looks like some sort of Bible prophecy will be made known because of this! My heart is stirred with anticipation...OMG!!

  • Triple A
    Triple A
    I was talking to a dub about it, and he thinks it is because of the way the Society now ships the literature. Since it takes extra time to ship the literature to the assembly halls, then a brother from each hall has to go pick up the literature, and distribute it to the congregation, that the Society has been making up the lag in time by printing the magazines earlier, thus the delay from January 1 to February 1. Does that make any sense?

    Bonnie_Clyde, It may not be correct, but it is consistant with the WTS pushing the blame for everything on to someone/something else. Triple A

  • Soledad
    Its taking longer and longer to fudge the figures and put the right spin on things

    Thats exactly it. They'll have an extra month to up the figures and make it all look good to cover up the obvious slow down.........

  • Poztate
    So, whatever it is, I am sure that posting the annual report in February will be a major adjustment in understanding, resulting from the progressive forward-moving spirit-directed organization.

    So Brothers if we turn to Revelation,,,,blu we can see that this change for the annual report from Jan to Feb was fortold thousands of years ago. Isn't it marvelous how WE are seeing this prophecy being fulfilled so DEEP into the last days...

  • ozziepost

    It must be one of the bowls of Revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gdt

    what a bunch of cynics we have here! the annual report was announced at our circuit assembly last w/end, very encouraging, ==about 500,000 more publishers and good growth in studies etc....from what some of you say you'd prefer to see everything collapse, but who would be ready to 'go, make disciples in all nations'? you? not me alone with a few 'mates' that's for sure. cheers, gdt

  • ozziepost

    Did they announce the aussie results?

  • gdt

    hi, waiting for your report.......hope you guys are ok, cheers, geoff.

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