There is NO annual service report in the Janaury 1st WT

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  • one


    i got to see that number in black and white from wt

    50,000 = 0.8%

    more realistic, according the bunch here.

  • seven006

    In the twenty-some years I turned in a time slip I never once heard a talk about lying on your service report or making sure it was accurate. Has anyone ever heard of this issue being spoken of from the platform or at an assembly?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Meaningless numbers made by phantom publishers. With the obsession of numbers and the pressure they put on the Great Unwashed, anyone can write anything down. And they do. It is the Shadow Kingdom, not the Kingdom of God. They worship numbers and frankly that's all they have now. None of it is real. Example is my wife was credited for 4 hours of service a month plus 1 bible study. The only problem was she never attended one meeting (instead she was posting on this board) the entire time. The secretary in the congregation that held her publisher card were so worried about appearances, he credited the time she 'studied' the Bible with Jackson and Jennie as field service time.

    If it happened in one case, it happens in others. How many? Who knows, but it casts doubt over the legitimacy of their precious numbers.

    The WTS reminds me of Hitler in the bunker ordering non-existant armies into battle, and strikes by phantom bombers. Live on in delusion ... I don't care any longer. I prefer reality.

  • RunningMan

    I have heard numerous talks on ensuring that you count every minute. One year, the service overseer visited our BS group and his entire talk revolved around making sure that you count all the time that you could - make a note of informal witnessing, make sure you count time when you talk about world conditions with someone, make sure you count visits to weak or infirm ones (as long as not baptized), etc.

    But, I don't think I have ever heard a talk about making sure you don't overcount. However, I recall several individuals who pissed everyone off by insisting that coffee break time and other grey areas were not countable. As for me, I counted time until I took my tie off.

  • AlanF

    Assuming that the 50,000 number is correct, that's a telling figure. From 1998 through 2001 the trend was down, but 9/11 and the Watchtower's cooking the books by changing some methods of reporting made the downward trend stop for two years. Now, as many of us had thought, the trend is continuing as the effects of 9/11 fizzle out and the book-cooking has no more effect. I'm expecting zero growth in a year or two.

    Because world population is growing by at least 2% per year, a less than 1% growth figure is really negative growth. That really ought to worry the Brooklyn cult leaders.

    I'm still convinced that the Internet is the JW's biggest bugaboo. There's no way that JWs exposed to the massive amount of information available can avoid being exposed to plenty of stuff -- most of it not even specifically related to JWs -- to make them sit up and think. Eventually the JWs, I'm sure, will be comprised of the terminally braindead who'd just as soon believe the earth is flat as believe that WTS cult leaders speak for God.


  • wizedup

    1% growth, but how many left? 1% of what? I wonder if former methods of calculationing could be changing for appearances. OR...

    Maybe they need more time to rewrite the article to include more paragraphs that say, "STAY OFF THE INTERNET, STUPID!" in different ways and languages. 'Cause it doesn't seem to be getting through. (smile)

  • seven006

    Thanks RunningMan, It just seems to be somewhat humors that Brooklyn can be so picky about things such as making sure their sheep do not waver in the slightest on an answer given at the watchtower or book study, or ask questions that may look like they border line independent thinking. But given how many exJW's have the freedom now to be honest and admit fudging on their time slips that specific topic of honesty in all things is never brought up as a directive from god. They aren't completely stupid, they have to know how wide spread this is and how the majority of their people openly and systematically lie once a month for the glory of the watchtower. From the looks of it, stretching the boundaries of honesty when it comes to pumping up the time you report preaching is backhandedly encouraged. No wonder no one feels bad lying on their time slips. As with most things in the cult, dishonesty is overlooked when it comes to the outward appearance of the collective. As always, it's not "how it really is," but more importantly "how it looks" that keeps their people blind and ignorant. I wonder what scripture they twist to qualify that god given instruction. I don't remember reading the scripture "The lie will set you free." Must have missed that one. Maybe next year the'll have a new book with some new light "The Stretching the Truth Book (when to justify a perfectly acceptable lie).

  • wizedup

    That book is already in print. It's called Theocratic Warfare.

  • NewYork44M
    I counted time until I took my tie off.

    That is the same criteria I used. As long as I had a tie on, I was out in service.

  • wizedup

    I used to be stricly honest in all that until "this is rediculous" set in. Then my time started when I got dressed in the a.m. for service. Otherwise I'd have dressed differently and taken less time. It stopped when I got home and changed. All a part of service, no?

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