Today, I'm Going To Bring The "Crisis of Conscience "Book To My Mother

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  • minimus

    I just talked to my wife who visited my mother. She returned the book and told her to please take it out of her house because she's "not ready for that yet".

  • seeitallclearlynow

    But minimus, at least she said "yet."


  • minimus

    She sent a note via my wife which quoted 3 different scriptures about "apostates" and how they must be avoided. Her feeling (tonight) is that reading this book by an "apostate" is a sin.

  • Mulan

    Tell her it's in the Bethel private really is. Ask her if she thinks anyone at Bethel has read it, because they have.

    Why can they read it, and she can't?

  • heathen

    Really , wasn't franz one of jehovahs "anointed" servants ? I really do have to get my hands on this book somehow .

  • blondie

    Ignorance is bliss.

    There is a reason why that saying is well known. Knowledge brings responsibility is another. min, she may just not be ready for the "knowledge" because they she thinks she will have to "do" something. It was hard for me and your mom has 30 years on me. But she has you and your wife, your daughter, and others to care for her. She still associates with you although she knows of your doubts.

    There was a time that even though I knew of all the cruelities and lies at the KH, I thought I was still being loyal by not reading those books. Then I finally realized that God was not with those people and know I have a fine library with the alternate viewpoint.

    Love, Blondie

  • minimus

    HOW did you get gto that realization, Blondie???.........I talked to her this morning and she said 2 elders are paying her a shepherding call on Saturday. She said she planned on reading them a WT. stating that you cannot be marked for dating an "unbeliever" AFTER you get married. I told her not to waste her breath. She said, "But I've got it right from the faithful and discreet slave!". I explained to her that they will probably tell her to ignore the information that she presents as they will have newer light from the Society in correspondence. Still, she said, "But the faithful and discret says it right here." I went on to say the FDS says many things and either changes their mind or makes a new rule......Poor woman.

  • undercover

    Let her question the elders, min. First you question the elders, then the CO, then what's written, then the F&DS, then the entire organization.

    It's a first step. She's willing to stand up to the elders where just a couple of weeks ago she felt worthless after their treatment of her. It's just the beginning. If these elders cannot answer her satisfactorily, it will further erode her confidence in them and the organization.

    Good luck to minimus' mom

  • blondie
    HOW did you get gto that realization, Blondie???.........

    I don't know if that means the ignorance is bliss...I hope I haven't offended you...from your current post, she still thinks that all she has to do is show the elders what the "slave" says that they will adjust. I used to feel that way...just show them what is in the publications and the elders will adjust. I only learned that some of the elders play by their own rules, not even the "slave" rules.

    It will be educational for your mom to see how the elders respond to her sincere efforts to show what has been said on marking. I was surprised too when I found out there were letters to the elders that outvoted even the Bible. Maybe she will find that enlightening. Us simple sisters don't see what happens behind the scenes with the elders sometimes until our own husbands (or other close male relatives) become elders themselves.

    As to how I came to my final realization about the WTS, chalk it up to lack of love and outright, provable lies by the elders. Elders even lying about lying when there were 4 people who heard and could testify to the lie. All four (including a fifth) persons are either out or on the endge.


  • minimus

    It was the war of attrition, then. Eventually, over time, everything takes its toll. I know that I knew things weren't right for a long time. I "waited on Jehovah". I pushed back in my head the issues that always seemed to be there. As an elder, I DID see all the crap that REALLY went on and realized these guys, these elders, were mostly dopes. Maybe my mom will see that just because the elders are dopes, we don't have to be.

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