Today, I'm Going To Bring The "Crisis of Conscience "Book To My Mother

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  • candidlynuts

    wow min.. i know your being very supportive of your mom. remind her that whatever she finds out about the wtbs .. god himself doesnt change. her love for god doesnt have to change her years serving god how she felt she should wasnt wasted years. she DID serve god to the best of her knowlege at the time. thats not a waste.... she's just undertaking a journey to learn more about god. free of being TOLD what to believe and it could be the greatest adventure of her life!

  • minimus

    Thank you all for your encouragment and advice!!!!

  • confusedjw

    Cracks - then seams - then things fly apart.

    Be there for her as this happens and she'll thank you later.

    Good for you Mr. Red Dot!

  • Balsam

    Hope your Mom will read COC. It seems that is our greatest fear after leaving the congregation "Where will we go Now'? Where in the heck does that fear come from? Well got to thinking about that some time back and realized we were told that as JW we had the one and only true path to knowing God. We were told that so much that we came to believe it. How many times were told that when people leave there is no place else to go but Satan's world. Which scared us to death. By demonizing everything outside the organization and making us feel there was no truth but what we already had it kept us right where we were at. Reading COC was liberating. I came here and read a little, but it was the reading of Ray Frantz book that really opened my eyes and set me free to think for my self. After I got to the end of it though I still thought, ok where do go now. And I realized that the world of exploration to find God if I wanted to was open to me. Now I feel less need to search and feel perfectly comfortable just not knowing. We can do what ever we want now as far as reasoning and thinking and exploring. The world has lots of bad things happen. But there are lots of good things too. Stopping the fear was a great help for me.

    Good luck to your Mom.

    Balsam aka Ruth

  • minimus

    When I gave her the book, she said, "I don't know if I should read this book.....It's apostate." I said, "Well, I'll tellya what. Read the first chapter. If you feel uncomfortable reading any further put the book down and I'll take it back later". She agreed. I haven't talked to her today.

  • Balsam

    That is what I decided to do when I got the book, just read the first chapter and if I hated it I would put it down. But I didn't hate it and actually went on to read it. The fear that the governing body causes of apostates is just unbelieveable. The WTS is terrified on anyone finding out how they have been fooling the followers. Their house of cards will collapse, and the money will quit coming in. Sad very sad that followers of Christ Jesus would live in such fear of an organization that says it represents God Almighty. Know your are dying to know what Mom is doing.

  • heathen

    I need to get a copy of COC myself , where do you get that , on ebay? Your mom will probably realize that she doesn't miss alot of the WTBTS policies such as the D2D work and the constant harrassment to do more and raise more money. I still can't believe they send women to do a mans job like that . I'm thinking of putting my thoughts on the religion into some sort of outlined format .

  • minimus

    Randy's site has it. Click on top of page at Watchtower Store.

  • Bubbamar

    Min - That's the best news I've heard all day. Your mom is a brave lady! Please keep us posted. I don't know how anyone could put Rays book down after cracking it open. I devoured it.

  • minimus

    I just talked to her and she said she didn't sleep all night because she had "that book in the house and Jehovah hates apostates". She said she can't look at it because she fears it will be displeasing to Jehovah. Perhaps if she sees another negative about "the truth", she might have a change of heart. I dunno know.

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