Today, I'm Going To Bring The "Crisis of Conscience "Book To My Mother

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  • minimus

    My mother has been expressing to us how she reluctantly is beginning to see that the organization indeed has some problems. She is starting to "feel" that things aren't right. This past Thursday, they gave a "marking" talk for my daughter who hasn't attended a meeting in years. She is comprehending that "rules" and more rules at the whim of the organization is the norm---without real Biblical foundation. She expressed to my wife yesterday that she doesn't want to be pressured right now but does now see why we have left. This afternoon I'm going to bring her lunch and "the book". I told her about the book a few days ago and my mother asked my wife if she too had read it. My wife replied that she did and cried considerably when she saw the realities of things. My mom has expressed concern that she won't have "any place to go". My wife encouraged her to read the book at the appropriate time for her and go from there.......I am very hopeful.

  • Celia

    Good news,,,, Hopefully she will read CoC... Has you Mom always been a JW ?

  • minimus

    She was baptized in the 50's. Previously, she was a Catholic.

  • New Castles
    New Castles

    Wow, thats awesome for you and your mother....Big Win! Take that Borg!

  • shotgun

    I think your mom does have somewhere to go, of course she'll have to put up with a pesky son who asks all the right questions but it will be worth it.

    Hope it goes well Minimus

  • undercover

    Having read how your mom has been treated lately, I agree that it's time to help her see what's going on and I hope you help her to get free and that she lives her remaining years free and happy.

    But your experience gave me pause to wonder about my own parents and their age group:

    I wonder if it's always good to upset older ones who have known no other life than being a JW. I'm not talking about the evil elders or snobby pioneers, or helping parents who want to escape, I'm talking about the everyday, trying to do their best, rank and file JW who like being JWs. My parents were good, decent people, raised their kids well. They were happy people as JWs. They are now old and retired without too many years left on this planet. Even though I am inactive and they think I'm taking wrong steps, they don't make too big a deal out of it, just once in a while I get a snide remark. They are happy in their lives now as they were before. Do I want to upset their happiness by exposing their belief system? Maybe the regrets for a life wasted would be too much for them. Maybe the anger would make them bitter and unhappy. As long as they are happy and aren't being mistreated by the congregation, I'm willing to let well enough alone. As long as they are happy.

    I'm not questioning you minimus, like I said, your mom is being mistreated and nows the time to show her that she doesn't have to be unhappy the way she has been lately. Good luck to you and her.

    I guess I'm saying that each one of us needs to weigh matters before we try to "free" aged parents. They may be happy and we just may make things worse by creating a controversy.


    That's great parents both quit in their late seventies. Both of them were baptized in L.A. around 1950. There is hope. Just be prepared for depression that your mom might feel when she realizes she's given most of her ife to the borg. She'll handle it with your help.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    mini : try to give it to her without too much commantary. but if she starts to ask questions, let her know that ray wrote many of the wt study books in the 60-70. and she will feel at home ,with the style of writing. and the love that rays shows. not much else to say . except i'll say a prayer. john

  • heathen

    That's just a conditioned response from your mother , the where else is there to go?, was something the WTBTS throws in the literature from time to time when they change some of the doctrines . What a well scripted mind [email protected]#$ .

  • codeblue

    Very interesting about your Mom.

    Please keep us updated on any of her comments!

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