I photographed a ghost! See pics!

by Sirona 63 Replies latest jw experiences

  • flyphisher

    Hi Sirona,

    usually, ghosts HATE digital images or recordings. They like analog processes;-)

  • sonnyboy

    Regardless of what the pictures actually represent, I do see the faces on the ones on the right. You can make out their eyes, noses, foreheads, cheek bones, hoods, and what looks like hands hanging out of the window. The one on the right looks like he's smiling. The one on the left may have a beard. Cool whatever it is.

  • Golf

    Two locals showed me pictures of them and behind them were faces of ghosts. It wasn't taken at night either.


  • oldflame

    Sorry I dont see any ghost, all I see is some blury pics of an old church

    Watch ghost hunters on the sci fi channel if you want to see some real ghost.

  • Spectrum
  • Bryan

    Yeah, sorry Sirona, but with the shaky shots nothing can be taken as it seems. If they were perfectly exposed and focused and you still had the shady images, I'd jump on your wagon!


  • daystar

    The mind is very adept at seeing recognizable shapes within images. I'm reminded of those photos of the WTC and the smoke coming out taht looked sort of like what one might imagine the devil's face looked like.

    What you're seeing is a combination of distortion in your digital photos due to low light levels, slow shutter speed, and the human visual processing center doing it's job.

    I don't think it would be difficult for me to reproduce the effect myself, purposefully.

  • vitty

    This post is over a year old...........!!!!!!!!

  • kid-A

    I definitely see the image of a small boys face overlooking the tombstone on the left hand side.....however, as Daystar said, the visual cortex just naturally looks for familiar forms in any sort of distorted image so it could all be a visual illusion. Very creepy picture though, shoud have posted this at halloween! LOL

  • stillajwexelder

    Jesus that is scary - a journey down the A590/591 will never be the same again

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