I photographed a ghost! See pics!

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  • Sirona


    There is nothing supernatural, or even weird, in those pictures. For fooks sake spooklovers, learn how images get formed onto film or ccd's before you go telling the world that your long exposure, hand held, misplaced focus, flash/ambient light combination, god-knows-what-out-of-focus-object-is-reflecting-into-the shinier-areas.... photo, has finally captured the elusive spiritworld!

    I stand corrected then. Just looks pretty ghostly to me, rather than simply reflections of light or shaky hands. Of course, not knowing about cameras you could be right! Sirona

  • AlmostAtheist

    I can't honestly say I see anything either, Sirona, but it's intriguing, isn't it?

    Do you live close enough to go back? Perhaps you could return and "invite" whatever it was to try to communciate with you. It's a little arrogant on my part to assume it, but I assume if it allowed you to see it, it would probably be willing to communicate with you. Even if only to say, "Please leave me alone."

    If you can establish a communication with it, The Amazing Randi will pay you a million dollars. That alone would be worth the bother of trying once. As long as it's not a 6-hour drive or something.


  • drwtsn32

    This reminds me of the thread where someone was trying to point out "subliminal" images in WTS paintings.

  • Brummie

    Its quite unusual when you see things in your photo's that were not there when you took the pic. It intrigues people, if they are unaware of how developing works then its hardly surprising. Where nilfun see's a little lad I see the face of a brown haired man looking down. We can see what our eyes allow us to. I dont for one minute believe I have seen a ghost in these pics but can understand why people think they have.


  • Leolaia

    I was a resident for a week at Hampton Court Palace -- a famous UK ghost haunt and took nighttime pictures in certain "hot spots". Nothing ever showed up in the pics.

  • nilfun

    "We can see what our eyes allow us to." That's right, Brummie. And I find that quite fascinating... Ghosts or no ghosts, I think those are some pretty neat pics :)

  • Nicolas

    As Elsewhere said, if you use a tripod you won't see these strange effects. All I could see in your image was the same kind of effects that I see when I take a picture using a long exposure time with my own digital camera. Also, if you take a photo during the night, noise will appear in the image, especially with a long exposure time. This does not proove in any way that there was a ghost in action. It just proove that the digital photography technology is still in development and there's still some default in it.

  • Brummie
    I think those are some pretty neat pics :)

    I do too, especially because they are in a Church yard and thats where all the ghosts live ..lol

    But the surrounding does add a little more oomph to the photo's.

  • Kenneson

    Too much distortion to make out anything.

  • Ghosthunter


    If you don't mind, I will have other members of my group take a look at them. I see the images, but, as you know, there are so many doubters.

    If they look as if they are legit,may we post them on our website?


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