I photographed a ghost! See pics!

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  • boa

    <-----didn't see squat...looked and looked and looked......

    The key to your opening statement about these pics was that the images didn't show up until you put them on the pc....clearly a case of intense paranormal activity...or....an issue with development or picture taking procedure....


  • mkr32208

    oooohhhhh sttttuuuupiiiddddd.... moving on!

  • gumby

    Oh......there's ghosts in those pictures! Yes -sir- e

    Ghost are just dead people who live here on earth who just wander around looking for people with cameras so they can rush right over and hop in the picture. Their like little kids....they just LOVE to get in the pictures! After the picture taking is over, these ghost wait in cemetaries (where they live) and make spooky noises and stuff just to scare people............that's the purpose of a ghosts existence......scarin the shit outta people. Sick flighty little bastards!


  • FlyingHighNow
    Their like little kids....they just LOVE to get in the pictures! After the picture taking is over, these ghost wait in cemetaries (where they live) and make spooky noises and stuff just to scare people............

    Okay, gumbergiest, you just really made me smile.

    Seirona, Gumby's not kidding. I know for sure they hang around and do prankish things. Whether your pics are just long exposure weirdnesses or ghosts, I can tell you spirits do exist.

  • Stefanie
    oooohhhhh sttttuuuupiiiddddd.... moving on!

    be nice pooty!

  • Brummie

    lol, sounds so appropriate on this thread.


  • Corvin

    I think it's time for another "Slubiminal and Kidden images in the WT publications" thread!

  • Sirona


    I can email the original pictures to you so that you can zoom in or whatever. I do have another two which look suspicious.

    Honestly, I think that the one with the faces behind the headstone is pretty good, the other one with the hooded figures might be distortion, I admit, however when we zoomed in on them it did look as though there were features on the faces!


  • LittleToe

    Whilst I do believe in some aspects of the paranormal, I don't see anything like that in the pics. Rather, the consistent duplication on the main pic would indicate movement during taking the shot.

    Cool pics, though.

  • Abaddon

    Hi Sirona...

    I swear to God(dess) that these are what genuinely came off my digital camera.

    I believe you. I also believe that the distortions you are talking about (in the window photos) are nothing more than 'noise', a typical problem with digital cameras in low-light conditions. Either that or some other visual artifact (i.e. something resulting from the process of capturing an image via a CCD, processing and storing it, as distinct from something 'what was there'). Do a little reading up on digital photography, especially 'noise' and you will see what I mean; as you will if you take a photo of the night sky with your digicam and see how stuff that isn't there appears in the photos.

    The door photos are just too much of a blur to make out what is or isn't there.

    As for being able to see facial features, yeah, well, you have a massive amount of visual processing hardware and software in your head that will identify a semi-colon, a dash and a right-handed bracket as a face too. And clouds as animals. And stains on walls as faces too.

    Normally your brain does something like CLOUD>LOOKS LIKE DOG>BUT IS CLOUD>THEREFORE IS CLOUD THAT LOOKS LIKE DOG. You know that dogs are not fluffy, or at least not in the way that clouds are, and also that clouds are rather higher and larger than dogs are.

    However, I suggest that in this case your brain does something like BLUR>LOOKS LIKE GHOSTIE>IS GHOSTIE, as you are pre-inclined to believe in such things, to such an extent your first assumption about a blur oin a photo involves the paranormal, and not a well known and documented short-fall of digital photographs.

    Be careful looking for things, as you tend to find what you are looking for...


    I see the images, but, as you know, there are so many doubters.

    I am not a doubter. I simply demand the same evidence for ghosts that I demand for saucege rolls. By using the term 'doubter' you are simply trying to label anyone who doesn't agree with you in a similar fashion to the Borg labelling people who disagree with them.

    Just as the Borg cannot prove anything, yet label those who disagree as wrong, so too you can't prove anything but talk as though we doubted something as unquestioned as gravity.

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