Dr. Phil wants to talk CULTS

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    There is a month of shows that could be done talking to/with & about the BY PRODUCTS of cults. This whole board is a testament to that.

    I don't know what could possibly be accomplished by talking with these people since they are not the ones in the cult. What advise or help can he give to them?

    How many other people's lives are changed forever because ONE decides, or more accurately is coerced, to join a cult, or DHCG.

  • Dansk
    (((((HUGS)))Dansk>>>If you do get to the States --I for one will travel that far to see you....

    Grace, I'd expect you to be in the audience!!!

    I still think it's highly unlikely I'll be asked to take part - but it'd be worth it just for those hugs!



  • mouthy

    ((((((((HUGS)))) Dansk & family

  • Scully

    The "Be On The Show" Link can be very intimidating for someone who does not want to risk being further ostracized by their JW family members.

    But since Dr. Phil is showing an interest in cult groups and how destructive and divisive they are, there's no reason why anyone couldn't write a letter to him on the topic and describe the situation they are finding themselves in with JWs.

    Here is the "snail mail" address for the Dr Phil show - maybe if he gets enough mail about the JWs, he'll be more inclined to take a closer look at them and how they split families apart.

    What is the mailing address for Dr. Phil?
    Dr. Phil show
    5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Due to the volume of mail received, letters, photographs, legal documents, medical materials, manuscripts and other personal items cannot be returned. Please consider this when sending original items.

    Materials other than letters are not usually reviewed. You may choose to spare the expense and effort of sending further documentation unless requested by our producers.

    Nearly every guest on the show starts with a letter or e-mail to us, and we look forward to your thoughts, comments, concerns and stories.
  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Here is the "snail mail" address for the Dr Phil show - maybe if he gets enough mail about the JWs, he'll be more inclined to take a closer look at them and how they split families apart.

    That is an excellent idea Scully.

    Dr. Phil is just the (worldly) person to cut through their BS and possibly rescue even a hardcore JW (or more). WT is extremely skilled at distracting language and are masters of subterfuge. Dr. Phil is keenly aware of this type of behavior and deals with it extremely efficiently.

  • battman

    Because the WT is probably the largest "cult" in operation today and one of the best camoflaged I would hope Dr. Phil would take an interest. He could accomplish more benefit per program by inspecting the WT than the typical "cult" which is usually quite small and insignificant. But being small makes them an easier target with less possible retaliation from the legal eagles. I wonder how he would feel about taking on a relatively powerful broad based "mainstream" / "christian" organization. Hopefully he will receive enough intelligent and insightful "tracts" from all of us to empower the good Doctor to take action.


  • Scully

    I wanted to bring this topic BTTT because of yesterday's show that highlighted people getting scammed by psychics. Some of the things Dr. Phil said could also be related to JWs and other cult groups. This segment, in particular, made me pay close attention:

    The woman told Trina that she could help her, but it would cost $1,900. Trina didn't have the money. "And then she brought up, 'Well your daughter is going to grow up bad and she's going to get into drugs.' She told me my grandmother was going to get sick. Those are the two special people in my life," she says.

    The woman convinced Trina to apply for a line of credit at a jewelry store, and then she proceeded to use Trina's credit to buy $600 worth of jewelry. "She told me that I would have to pay for it. She said the spirits said it would have to be that way. I gave the psychic jewelry, clothes, electronics, gift cards and cash out of my pocket." The psychic even convinced Trina to buy her a new car. "The car cost

    Trina hasn't told her grandmother about the psychic and the bills. "She still doesn't know to this day. I'm very scared of the psychic. I'm very scared if she sees this. She's probably brewing up something right now honestly. Dr. Phil, I need your help. I let a psychic ruin my life and I'm in debt $30,000."

    "Isn't it true that still, as you sit here today, you believe that a psychic has the power to put a curse or a hex on you and you're afraid of that?" Dr. Phil asks.

    "I'm very afraid," Trina admits.

    "If all of that happened, doesn't that tell you that she is a complete total con and fraud?"

    "Yes, but there was just things that she knew about me that nobody knows besides my grandmother."
    "Would you describe yourself at that time in your life as being gullible? I mean, somebody stops you in the mall and you don't know how many people she's gone up to until she got a hit. Is it possible that she just read you, made some guesses and started telling you things that you wanted to hear?" Dr. Phil asks.

    "She said that my grandmother's going to get sick, my daughter wasn't going to get work, she was going to grow up bad, into drugs, into police problems. She really scared me," says Trina.

    "She played upon your insecurities and your fears and your love for your daughter and you grandmother. And that is exploitative, that is criminal and she ought to be in jail," says Dr. Phil, and the audience applauds.

    "I don't know. That's how scared I am," says Trina reluctantly.

    Dr. Phil turns to Trina's grandmother sitting in the audience, who only recently learned of the psychic. "Am I telling her the truth here?"

    "Yes, you are. Yes," she says.

    Trina begins to cry.

    "Let me tell you something that people who exploit other people do," Dr. Phil tells her. "The first thing they do, Trina, is that they have to isolate you. The best defense that you can have against something like this is don't ever let yourself be isolated. If somebody is telling you that something that they're talking about is super secret, you need to run ? not walk ? away."

    Dr. Phil continues: "And if that woman approaches you, or anyone like her approaches you, I want you to promise me that you will reach out to the people in your life and tell them what's going on. Reach out to your grandmother. She won't judge you. She will help you. You were scared to death that if she found out about this that she was going to kick you out. You told her last night, didn't you? And did she judge you and kick you out or did she stand by you?"

    "She stood by me," says Trina.

    "Of course she did. But you owe her as well. She stands by you, but you owe it to her to include her if someone tries to carve you out and isolate you," says Dr. Phil.

    Trina agrees.

    Isolation is a key tool that is used by JWs to bring people in, and prevent those inside from leaving. The WTS also exploits peoples' fears by painting a bleak picture of promiscuity, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, drug addiction, etc. for those who leave the group.

    DFing and DAing is another isolation technique - and it plays on a person's genuine fears of losing contact with loved ones.

    My bet is that this is the road Dr. Phil will take when he deals with the cult issue.

    Love, Scully

  • Golf

    It should be interesting. His research staff does a pretty good job in acquiring information on any topic. Yesterday's show was about consulting mediums. You would have to have seen the show for me to describe his interviews and opinions.

    Bill O'Reilly never to my knowledge talk about JW's and pedophilia on his program. I'd be 'very' surprise if Dr. Phil would actually mention JW's if he does a show on cults.

    I'll be waiting.


  • NewLight2

    I saw this same show yesterday and I could not help thinking about how much Dr Phil could help Mario and Marina. I had just read Mario's latest update and was thinking how wonderful it would be if Dr Phil could get Marina into some live-in treatment center and he would be paying for it all! Mario's story would certainly catch the eye of the producers on the show. Could someone contact Mario and see what his thoughts are on this?


  • Mulan

    Dr. Phil might possibly do this, but I am pretty sure he would never mention the actual religion. I've seen similar things discussed on his show, and they never ever name the group.

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