Dr. Phil wants to talk CULTS

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    Today on Dr. Phil - Inside the CultDr. Phil delves further inside a controversial polygamous community where girls as young as 14 are reportedly forced to marry older men who have multiple wives, and young boys are forced to leave town.

    See the first show, "Brainwashed Brides."

    Looking for AnswersJay McGraw is an unwelcome outsider who speaks with reluctant town officials about polygamy, the law and the cult.

    What's being done to stop the abuse?

    Defending Polygamy
    Three women explain the benefits of knowing which other women your husband is sleeping with.

    Over 12 wives and 90 children?
    The Healing ProcessIt's been a year since they escaped Colorado City and the FLDS church. A whole new world has been opened up for Fawn B. and Fawn H.

    How are they doing now?
    The Lost BoysHundreds of young boys are being forced to leave the only town and family they know so that the older men in the community can have more wives.

    Uneducated and alone, where can they go?

    Warren Jeffs was invited to the show. He declined and issued a statement that said, "I will not cast pearls before the swine."
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    I saw that one. I wonder why he hasn't decided to tackle JW's or the Koresh type cults.........or what about LDS?

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    Today: A new episode of Dr Phil exposes the Children of God / The Family cult and child sexual abuse within the cult.

    The Family Cult

    Dr. Phil goes inside a shocking cult where 9-year-olds were known to have sex with 25-year-olds — on dates set up by their parents. What began as a typical 60s commune became a den of alleged sexual molestation, prostitution and extreme physical abuse … all in the name of God.

    altInside the Cult
    Dr. Phil gives an update on an abusive religious sect that he and his son Jay exposed last season.

    altSee the outcome of their exclusive reporting.

    altTortured Memories

    Several ex-members of the Children of God have been so haunted by the abuse, they’ve committed suicide. One survivor, Ricky Rodriquez, made headlines earlier this year when he murdered a former cult member and then killed himself. altSee his chilling story.

    altA Daughter's Dilemma

    Kristi says she can’t forgive her father, Jim, for the years of painful abuse she suffered at the hands of this cult. They reunited after 16 years, but she thinks his motives are for financial gain.
    altWill she be able to forgive and trust him again?

    altThe Family’s Legacy China and her husband John, left the group together. Her brother committed suicide last year, and she worries that more ex-members will suffer the same fate.

    altHow are they adjusting to life on the outside?

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    October 3, 2005, 3:15 pm PDT

    Family MIA in a cult

    I was born into the Jehovah's Witnesses cult in 1957,i was the good little JW boy who got beat up in the school yard for not saluting the flag.This was the 'better dead than red' era of the 1960's

    Jehovah's Witnesses are a classic cult.The Watch Tower Corporation is a media publishing, real estate development, and convention sponsoring company and their literature all promotes the corporation and those goals.

    I have Jehovah's Witnesses family in Naples Florida who practice the Watchtower JW enforced ritual shunning that i have not seen or heard from in 15 years.

    I am not the only one,the 'fraud in the name of God' Jehovah's Witnesses have defrauded MILLIONS of followers.

    When the Watchtower corporate racket is held accountable for their misdeeds they scream religious 'persecution'.


    Danny Haszard www.dannyhaszard.com

    Danny IN @ Dr.Phil board

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