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  • Badger


    I will take that complement only if you realize what a gem you are...

  • Preston


    I sense from your post that you are dealing with your own mortality

    I think you look nice and I don't know what's wrong

    I think you are a handsome man for your age

    ..and I wish I knew people like you when I was a witness

    I think your intelligence and candor would of made my exit easier if I knew you then.

    Thank you for being around

    - Preston (of the fellow Ennio Morricone Fans class)

    Oh...back to your question

    ... I look in the mirror and... well...as someone with body-image issues of my own, I can't in good conscience say I like what I say. Sometimes I think I'm downright repulsive. I think I should of been a women...preferably this one:

  • Mutz

    What I see before I get to the mirror and what I see when I actually look are two different things.
    I think there will be this sporty six foot bloke in the prime of health. The sight of a fat bloke
    with a bad back is somewhat of a shock. :)

  • Insomniac

    When I look in the mirror, I see the results of things I can't control- plenty of old scars, a few grey hairs, a birthmark on my arm that I hate, a soft belly no amount of crunches has rid me of.

    And I see the things I do have control over- muscular legs from running up and down stairs all day carrying equipment, a tattoo that symbolizes empowerment, the prettiest nose my surgeon could give me, and nice, clear skin.

    Together, it all seems to work. I'm no supermodel, but I get enough male (and occasionally female) attention to have finally convinced me that I'm pretty. I never felt that way in my teens or twenties; maybe self-acceptance comes easier to us as our bodies leave the generic beauty of youth, and gradually acquire the patina of an interesting life. As if the imperfections that mar our bodies over time, also serve as a kind of signature, marking us as the individuals we are. Whatever else it may be, this body is a reflection of who I am and the life I've led, so by accepting it, I also accept the choices I've made to get where I am.

    Wow, I was really rambling there for a minute; guess I shouldn't try to post before I'm fully awake.

  • candidlynuts

    an emu..duh!

    (you trying to get descriptions of us so the elders who poke around here can figure out who we are easier?)

    candidlynuts of the " you plottin on me boy? " class

  • target

    I see my mother!

    Tried all my life to not be like her. Here I am, coming up on 57 years old, don't have a picture of her anywhere in the house, but she sneaks into my mirror every chance she gets

    Old Lady Target

  • Nosferatu
    I know I'm not attractive to women anymore.

    If there's one thing I've learned, women aren't primarily attracted to physical appearance as much as men are. They go for the personality. Ever wonder why many women are with assholes? Especially ugly assholes? It's because of their personality, not their looks.

    ...and no, I'm not suggesting you become an asshole. Build up your confidence, let your personality shine, and women will naturally be attracted to you. So what if you're 58 years old? Haven't you been successful at what you've done? All the wear and tear on your physical appearance should be badges of honor! You've earned it all. Life beats the shit out of everyone. You've survived all your difficulties. Now, get your ass out there and land a sexy 23 year old!

    What do YOU SEE when you look in the mirror?

    I see the best lover any woman would want. I see myself as the prize. I see a real man. A man who has accomplished a lot in his lifetime, and is damn proud of it.

    I never used to see all that. I used to see a dork who, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't succeed at anything. I saw a sad individual sitting in his own pool of shit.

    I cleaned up the pool of shit, started focusing on what I have done (instead of what I haven't) and convinced myself that I could do anything if I just work at it. And did I ever! I went from a sorry ass dude who's fiance had left him and couldn't get a date to a manwhore. It was one of the biggest rushes I ever had in my life! Once the rush was over, I contently settled down with a great woman. I'm still a man wanted by many women, but my wife got the prize.

  • Brummie

    I see an ugly someone who is not gonna get me all run down and depressed. Stuff it, I look like this and thats the way it is. Everyone is too busy looking at themselves to notice my imperfections.


  • Xena

    I see a beautiful person. Maybe not physically perfect but unique and special with a good heart, an open mind and a lot of love to give.

  • hillary_step


    I see a beautiful person. Maybe not phycially perfect but unique and special with a good heart, an open mind and a lot of love to give.

    Yes, but do you come with a 100,000 mile warranty? HS

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