Interesting conversation with a well known Elder in Brooklyn

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  • Confucious

    I'm trying to control myself here. But I tell you, my blood boils at times. NUF SAID.

  • metatron


    I've been saying this over and over - if the Watchtower was subject to the same regulations

    as any other modern business ( i.e. not hiding behind the 1st amendment) they WOULD BE

    SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE in a flash. I absolutely know this from my experience in

    investing - unless you're a religion, you can't commit this sort of fraud!


  • Confucious

    Hey guys,

    This guy is an amazing individual.

    His name is Ricardo Mayorga, a boxer.

    He boxed a legend the other night. A man called Felix Trinidad. Felix (Tito), who is a man that beat Oscar De La Hoya.

    Anyway. NOT trying to make everything into some life changing illustration LIKE we used to do in The Truth (tm)/

    But this is a man FULL of GUTS.

    Anyway, here's the Article...

    Mayorga Says He is Hanging Up His Gloves
    By Sugar Lee Santiago
    (October 5, 2004)
    After putting on one of the more gutsy performances in recent memory with his eighth-round stoppage loss to Felix Trinidad Saturday, Ricardo Mayorga told Edgar Tijerino, a reporter from the Nicaraguan daily newspaper, La Prensa, that he will no longer continue fighting.

    "I'm not going to continue boxing. I am retiring. I have thought about it and discussed it with my family, so it's serious."

    Ricardo 'El Matador' Mayorga made this statement toEdgard Tijerino, reporter for La Prensa, El Diario de los Nicaraguenses, in front of Mario Arce, Luis León, brother Jaime and attorney Tony González. The reported conversation took place in New York City, shortly after Mayorga was released from Bellevue Hospital.

    "They all know since early on, but I am just now making it public. I simply don't want to continue, and I don't need to continue. I have enough resources, I'm going to get involved in some businesses, and I left a good impression in my last fight. They are going to remember me as somebody brave, that never asked for a truce and who knew how to fight in every instance."

    When reminded that he is too young to make such a drastic decision, Mayorga replied, "This is the time to do it. I feel that God is advising me to do it, and He is my great friend.

    "Money is important but not essential. I know this loss doesn't close doors for me, but I don't want to continue. It's too big of a sacrifice, and I have been fighting since I was 11 years old, so at age 31 I am looking for peace."

    Mayorga was then asked about his legal problems in Nicaragua... Are you going to travel back to Nicaragua to face the accusation against you?

    "Of course. I don't run in the ring, or in life. I am going to face the situation because I know I am not guilty. Enough. No more. No more. I am leaving boxing..."

  • Confucious

    Sorry for that last post here... I meant to start a new thread.

  • DevonMcBride

    He has a better chance at winning in the casinos than the lottery.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    maygorga. just ran into a buzz saw. that had his number. just like a jw running to a sharp apostate, they get their ass kicked, but unlike maygorga they run once they knew they are losing... john

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Well Metron the 1st amendment can't be used as a tool to defraud people. Remember they have made many claims and promises that only until recently are obviously not coming to fruition. The claims were made as a means of obtaining a financial gain (in this case tens of billions of dollars). You can't hide behind religion to avoid liability otherwise organized crime would be calling themselves a religion and asking for 1st amendment exemption.

    The first amendment may allow them to decide who they wish to remove through disfellowshipment but it I believe it does not allow them to promise physical rewards in return for money and labour and then not deliver. Sooner or later someone or some people will band together and test this very unique (but I believe valid) case in a U.S. court of law.

  • Gretchen956

    Where is his faith? If he just WAITS a little bit longer all will be revealed in the brighter light!

    Actually I think the light that gets brighter will be a spotlight and all you'll see are the rats leaving the sinking ship. Very very sad.


  • minimus

    I said Hi! to a df'd ex-elder today. He was in a restuarant and he was playing lottery tickets AND I know he's hoping to get reinstated.

  • bluesapphire


    And then what -- on Sunday he'll go up at the assembly and convince others not to invest in this wicked system of things? I have no respect for a person like this. The idiot deserves what he gets.

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