Interesting conversation with a well known Elder in Brooklyn

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  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Yep I'm just waitng for the class action lawsuit from old folks and children of JWs who have already died. If any corporation or individual made promises like the Watchtower did "Millions now living will never die" and the generation that was alive in 1914 will witness the end of the world and will be given a paradise on Earth with everything provided and never age as long as they donated there time and money to buying and distributing Watchtower literature now, well there would be lawsuits for sure.

    If an individual or company asked investors to invest all of their family savings (forego higher education and go door to door selling watchtower publications, buy all our publications year after year) and promised enormous wealth and permanent finacial stability (physical paradise on earth with no fear of growing old) guaranteed in 1914 and again in the 30s with "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" not only would the lawsuits fly but Government regulatory bodies would be shutting their BS down. Could you imagine also in the medical, pharmaceutical or herbal health industries if they made promises of "you take this pill or get this procaedure and you'll never die". They'd be shut down fast.

  • Mulan

    It seems to me, that they don't do anything to you if you buy lottery tickets. If you win, I am sure they will have their hands out.

  • blondie

    Of course, you could turn him in but you are only one witness to the deed.

    Buying lottery tickets can be a DFing event in some areas and not in others, just like the application of many other DFing offenses.

    I was given some lottery tickets as a gift and it was a let-down. $7 tickets, only $1 back. I'd rather play blackjack.


  • Elsewhere

    LMAO! He is a man of Long Shots!

    First he hopes an invisible sky-god will drop him in the middle of a paradise if he sells enough books... now he is betting on the Lottery Retirement Plan.

    Hasn't he ever heard of Reasonable Risk and Return?

    I never planned on living to this age (mid 60's) me and my family are just not prepared for a comfortable retirement. Jehovah will understand

    But will the Judicial Committee (directed by Holy Spirit?) and conducted by imperfect untrained volunteers be just as forgiving?

  • candidlynuts

    isnt it great how hard work and sacrifice is rewarded? but shame on him, if the Lord provides for the sparrows of the field wont he provide for His faithful witnesses?

  • RunningMan

    What really gets me, is that this guy (or many others like him) would die rather than bend God's perceived law on blood. Worse yet, they would let their child die. Yet, "Jehovah will understand" if they bend God's perceived law on lottery tickets.

    I guess, if he wins, it means that God is blessing him. Or wait, it means that Satan is trying to bribe him. Oh well.

  • Satanus

    This generation will be denied. Yup, a whole generation faces dissappointment. Wierdly, most of them will deny their feelings. On their way to their graves, they will keep hope until the end, their end. It's a sad situation for sure.


  • RunningMan
    now he is betting on the Lottery Retirement Plan.

    Actually, the lottery odds are a lot better than the Paradise Earth Plan.

  • Iforget

    Ok RunningMan that last comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Good one

  • codeblue

    wow, that was an INTERESTING conversation!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

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