Interesting conversation with a well known Elder in Brooklyn

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  • Panda

    Hiding buying lottery tickets and sneaking off to Las Vegas ... obviously they don't believe Jeh will ever make them pay for their sins. No but the borganization sure would. This reminds me of the book, 1984 by Orwell. Has anyone seen the newer (but not brand new) version of 1984 with John Hurt and Dick Burton? It is a much better version than the earlier movie. Mainly it paints a picture of the world as a place of perpetual war only there really isn't a war, there really aren't any shortages. The government wants to keep the populace down, poor, and fearful. The main character even works at the state run newspaper which changes history. Inventing new treaties. Inventing new heros AND new traitors. While none of this is real it does affect real people. They die, starve or are tortured to remain loyal. People spy on each other, friends turn friends into the gendarme. Oh yeah and no sex. It's like Orwell knew every high control organization that existed and that they would continue to exist ... on and on.

  • squinks

    I wonder how many times this particular piece of shi% participated in the disfellowshipping of some poor schlub who smoked or perhaps, oh I don't know. . . played the lottery?

    How can this &^*%$# live with himself if he has helped to disfellowship even one person!

    How many families has he destroyed, but now Jehovah understands?

    I gotta quit I'm getting SO MAD

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