Damn Barbara Walters.

by avishai 56 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Odrade

    You're right, it was disgusting. I turned it off when BW asked her if she felt guilty. She thought about it and said essentially that she didn't. She doesn't feel guilty of breaking up her family, and she doesn't feel guilty of molesting that boy? Well, that says it all. And there was BW sitting there all sympathetic. Yeah it was skin-crawling.


  • bem

    Avashai, I agree.

    I didn't see the show. But I have seen other times laternou has been "glamorized" for her disreguard of the law, human life, ie. The young man, her husband and family,,, she makes herself out to seem like a childlike innocent...!

    B.W. what a disgusting end of a career that at one time set standards for women in the media as far as pay and such. *sigh* sad end.

  • Mulan

    I didn't see the show either, but I wonder if she would have done it if it was a man who had sex with a 12 year old girl.

  • shamus

    Barbra Walters way of interviewing at the best of times puts me to sleep. Maybe for the demographic that 20/20 goes after is fine, but I am certainly not in that demographic let me tell you.

  • jwbot

    I wish I had seen the interview. I can understand peoples disgust though.

  • Scully

    You know who would have done a really good interview with Mary Kay Letourneau??

    Dr. Phil..... "What the HELL are you thinking???"

    I didn't see the 20/20 interview, but I've seen enough of this convicted child rapist on various other broadcasts (American Justice, etc) to know that she is just one sick individual. She sees absolutely nothing wrong with what she did, she justifies it by referring to Vili as though he's her soulmate and that they were meant to be together (ie, it's God's fault). She knows the law.

    I've seen similar shows that deal with adult males who get involved with minor girls or boys. They use fluffy terms like "love" or "the feelings were mutual" to shift blame and "sexual preference" and "sexual orientation" to justify it - as though because they have these "natural tendencies", it somehow makes it OK. They just want to be "understood" and "accepted for who they authentically are".

    I "understand" what they "are": child molesters, child rapists, paedophiles. There's no justification for it, none whatsoever.

    Love, Scully

  • Valis

    What an awful show that was. That sicko woman sitting there smiling and going through her story like some puppy love school girl...Just gross. And WAH WAH sitting there smiling at her, asking stupid questions and pretending to do something that vaguely resembled journalism. Very bad tabloid television if you ask me.


    District Overbeer

  • shamus

    And on that note, she's retired. Thank god!

  • avishai

    I am so pissed, still!!

  • Cassiline

    "You can't rape the willing"

    I hope that Mary Kay can pick up where she left off. Vili wanted it just as much as she did. No one will ever be able to stop them two from begining together. If it's 7 or 50 years when to people are meant to be together they will find away! Mindy


    I did not see the interview and I just clicked to see what you and others were quoting from this was the first post to come on screen above for me, by MINDY.

    I do not understand why people see the two diferently ( men V women pedophiles) . I could spit nails right now! Are people insane or........ Ok I need to shut up before I am banned from this forum for commetns about this poster above and the show itself.


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