Damn Barbara Walters.

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  • avishai


    She's giving a pedophile (Mary kay Latourneau) an open forum to act like a victim. Using words like "Tragic Relationship" "Sexual relationship" . IT WAS RAPE!!!!

    The lying bitch Latourneau said things like "I did'nt know it was a felony in Washington" BULLSH*T!!! I worked in a group home in WA in '89. It's a state that DEFINITELY lets's you know where teh felonies stand. DAMN BABA WAH WAH!!!! If the gender's were reversed this broadcast would never be seen. I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!

    Why do they let this psychopath have a forum to look like a victim?!?!?! She destroyed at least 8 lives, not including her own, her husbands, villi fulau's and her 6 children!!!!! SHE IS A RAPIST AND PEDOPHILE!!!! She should be in prison for LIFE!!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    avi I have only seen the promos for the interview so I can't comment on the whole show.

    But from what I saw the interview does one important thing. It helps us see how twisted the mind of an abuser is that they turn it around and place the blame on anything except themselves.

    Like the typical male abuser we see a female who has repeatedly gone against the code of ethics as a teacher, gone against the court orders against seeing the boy and against moral conscience to justify her actions of abuse.

    From what you say it sounds like Barbara did a job at getting this woman to open up even if her "take" is one of the "victim".

    For too long people have seen female abusers as somehow worse than the male abuser. People think they are more deranged than male abusers. They aren't. They use the same techniques and justifications for their actions.

    Disgusting - Most definitely. But Barbara took the horns off this woman and let us view what was in the mind of this sick woman that refuses again and again and again to accept responsibility for her actions

  • avishai

    Yeah, lee, to those "in the know", maybe. But it really looked, even to me, like she was being facilitated. Made to look like it was OK. yes, she placed the blame on everyone else. Yes, I saw that she is a monster. But without all of my training, etc., if I was the average bear, I would have seen it far differently. It was portrayed as a "love story" .I'm sick to my stomach.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I would guess that most people, even those not "in the know" will be quite disgusted with her.

    In the clips I saw the only thing screaming in my head was "It was wrong and you KNEW it."

  • avishai

    It was Barbara's last interview too. What an ignominious end to an illustrious career.

  • shotgun

    I agree avishai

    Stupid interview, she lied throughout and made me doubt the whole bi-polar excuse she used during prosecution.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    some excerpts from the show


    But she says her resistance faded. LeTourneau says the affair began with a single incident ? a kiss. "I thought, ''That's OK, but it's not going to go any further.' "
    "I knew it wasn't right. But Vili and I loved each other, and still do. But I believe very strongly there was a much healthier way to have worked through everything that was going on, at the time. And it didn't happen that way. We didn't ask for help, and now, there's a lot of hurt, right now," she said.
    they were hiding their relationship from both the community and their families.
    Secretly carrying Fualaau's child, she still hoped her relationship with the boy would not be discovered.
    "I was imagining there's probably some community service hours, for situations like this, and I actually didn't think that I needed an attorney even," she said.

    Clearly she knew it was wrong. What got me was how carefully she was thinking of what to say so as not to incriminate herself. She knows!!! But she didn't care. Not about the boy, not about her career, not about her children. She just saw what she wanted and took it. She had to be the one to arrange the meetings. She had the car. She knew it had to be secret. Maybe she didn't expect how serious her actions were but she knew she would be in trouble.

    Not one bit different than any other abuser and hopefully others who watched will be just as disgusted

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OMG You should see the posts coming in about the show

    What a sick powdered puff interview. Are there any other crimials ABC would like to make a victim and hero. Maybe the next sweet interview could be about all those poor misunderstood child pornographers, I'm sure that all those children wanted to be exploited. By giving this woman credibility you have probably created more victims, great job. Note to Barbra Walters-if you are convited of child molestation, you are called a pedophile and child molestor because YOU ARE. Not because the tabloid said so, because the law says so. MK said she wasn't upset about how people felt about her because they didn't know the whole story, which BW seemed to agree with. Sorry but we do know the whole story - she was 34 he was 12 and she molested him thats the whole story. Its no wonder that the Fox network is becoming the peoples choice. BW should stay retired and ABC should apologize to their viewers.
    I can't believe I have just watched Barbara Walters agree with a paediofile, if this was her last interview for 20/20 then thank goodness she is leaving. This was a complete disgrace!!
    I completely agree! My family and I are dumbfounded listening to Barbara ask her wimpy questions. She's interviewing her like some prominent figure - Oprah or Hilary. This is nuts. This is a female child molestor that is now unemployed, has never graduated high school, or anything. I can't believe she doesn't ring Mary Kay's neck. The number one question isn't "Will you marry Villi?" it's "What about your four children you ruined? Did you ever think of them?" Every question Barbara asks has a sweet smile, I'm switching to Fox News.

    ABC owes an apology to it's viewers for this. You'd never see Barbara interview a man if the roles were switched in this case.

    Uuuugh, what a bomb.
    I couldn't agree more. I am disgusted with her interview with that pedophile. BW displayed such a double standard. Do you think she would have been so pleasant with a man convicted of child rape? What a horrible way to end her carrier with 20/20. I will no longer watch any program she is affiliated with.
    I'm truly disappointed that Barbara Walters didn't get tough with Mary Kay Letorneau. Never once did Mary Kay ever indicate that she realized the severity of her crime. She seems to take the position that her love for this boy transcended the law. She is clearly a deeply disturbed woman who needs less to be understood than to be punished. In my opinion, her sentence wasn't nearly long enough. I found it horrifying that she was able to turn off her emotions surrounding her separation from her children (as a direct result from her sickness and poor judgment) for seven years while in prison, yet she wore that boy's ring the entire time. Appalling, absolutely appalling. She is in total denial about the severity of her crime, the impact it had and continues to have on the children she bore, and not to mention the boy she sexually abused. I firmly believe that had she put his crush on her in its proper place to begin with (she could have don'e any number of things, like transfer him to another class, quit her job, etc.) this wouldn't have had to happen, and he would have gone on without her just fine. Children have all manner of crushes in their lives - we all know the image of the boy staying after school to clean the erasers for his teacher - this is normal. What isn't normal is a teacher, whether a man or an innocent-looking woman, crossing a line and letting any kind of intimacy, physical or otherwise, to take place. Until Mary Kay Letorneau realizes how serious her misjudgments were and the long-lasting consequences they are going to have, she will continue to pose a threat to children. I think we're all accustomed to seeing a pedophile as an older male, well, take another look.

    and it goes on and on. People are out-raged as they should be

  • candidlynuts

    laternou made the comment "vili asked me how long i thought i'd live... i told him my grandmother lived to 100 and i guess i will too.. he said " well i'll just live to be 80 then because i wont live a day of my life without you"

    all i could think about is a child i knew that had been molested. her step dad made his sick relationship with her into a fairy tale.. she was the prettiest best girl in the world and twisted her thinking into believing making him happy was what she wanted and that it was the greatest romance ever.. . not all pedophiles use threats to control their victims.

    ya know if she'd waited till he was 21 and she 40 i'd say GO FOR IT .. once your both consenting ADULTS its no problem. . but she's a pedaphile thru and thru..soon he'll be too old for her and she'll seek out another little boy.

  • candidlynuts

    i went to abc's boards and read as well. this person summed it up well

    Shame on you. I had not watched TV in 5 months due to having a new child, and tonight, I sit down thinking "yeah, 20/20" and I got to watch an interview of a child molester. At first, I was going to stop watching, but then, I had to finish so I could write you and tell you how saddened I was to find this your final story as the news anchor of 20/20. Really, was it worth it to you, Barbara, to glamorize a woman who raped a child who was placed in her custody each day to be taught not to be molested? Would you have done the same "star lit" background setting for a Catholic priest? What about Michael Jackson? What about all the other convicted sex offenders? To hear you ask her questions, as if this was a love affair was completely irresponsible journalism. There is no "story" here to tell. This woman has thought of only herself these past 8-9 years without regard to anyone. She jeopardized the lives now of 6 children, and 2 other adults, and still thinks somehow she's O.K. They didn't "make love". I was completely in flabberghasted by the language you used in reference to this rapist? Further, the questions you asked did nothing to help the other 4 children whom are struggling with their lives. To know her mother had sex in "everyone room of their house" is plain disgusting. And did we as viewers really need to know that?! What was newsworthy about this interview? What did she contribute to our body of knowledge about an important topic? What information did you share about child sex offenders and what we, as parents, should be aware of...perhaps something could have been redeeming from this tabloid interview. It was tabloid journalism - nothing more - nothing less.

    Again, shame on you, Barbara Walters for participating in such an interview to glamorize and romanticize a child rapist.

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