Damn Barbara Walters.

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  • avishai

    Yep, there's a couple double standards at work. If, say, Dan Rather came out in an interview, saying he nailed the first female sentor, whatever, knowing she had a family, etc., he'd be excoriated.

  • FlyingHighNow
    If she were a man who did the same thing- she would be in prison for life !

    Fellas, this simply isn't true. Men do not go to prison for life for sleeping with 12 year olds. I think what Mary did was twisted and sick. If it were my son I would be extremely upset at the way she ruined this boy's life. She did go to jail more than once. She was held accountable for her crime. There is no double standard. When women get busted for this, they do time. The double standard generally comes more from the male point of view. I have had heard many men say they would love to have been molested by a pretty teacher in highschool.

  • flipper

    FLYING HIGH NOW- Yeah, I agree with you. I was overstating it for sure- however there have been men who have served life sentences for multiple counts of felony child abuse before. But, you are right, we aren't dealing with that- in this particular case. But she did serve her time . Pedophilia is wrong whether women abuse boys, or men abuse girls

  • Hope4Others

    I started reading the past few pages, and then realised this other stuff was 04.

    I suppose she's been plugging her new book?


  • Hope4Others


    I haven't watched the news in 3 months.


  • Hortensia

    I have thought from the beginning that this woman is just a pedophile and totally selfish. Completely selfish. She has many victims - and her attitude is truly sickening. Also, I notice that some people think that "statutory rape" means it isn't really rape. It is a very big crime. The big difference between Mary Kay Letorneau and her victim is that she was an adult, and he wasn't; she was in a position of authority over him and he was in a position of less power; she knew better and knew how to manipulate the kid. It was a violation of the trust he had for her, the trust the public has for teachers, the trust his parents had for her, the trust her husband had for her. It was an abuse of power. That it was against the law is also a big factor. It's against the law because it is harmful. That some people buy into her romantic justification of the whole thing is just mind-boggling.

  • HappyDad

    When you look at this issue from a NORMAL human understanding........then any young guy would LOVE to be the victim of someone like her. After all.......isn't she a good looking female? Now......before you hang me by my gonads.......this response is meant to just state a point of view. Bottom line is..............if it is a female that is the pedophile.........then it isn't all that bad! But when it is a man..............God forbid! He will have his nuts crushed in a vise. In this so called enlightened world......there are still multiple standards when it comes to who is the one who commited the crime. As a man.........if you even say to an underaged girl that she looks sexy......you could face jail time. But if a woman....even someone as good looking as Letoureau ( or however you spell it) wants in your pants.........she could get away with it because the entire world thinks that a male can't be sexually abused by a female. Especially one as good looking as her. They all think he really wanted it and encouraged it. In this case.......yeah........the kid LOVED what he got between her legs even though he was underage. There are thousand of cased where girls and boys were married before they were 18 and who are we to say anything negative about it if they are consenting? Soooooooooooo...........a man on the jury (someone such as I) might be persuaded to think that there was no crime) But that COULD be totally wrong. A male jurist would be thinking with his LITTLE head instead of formulating a condemnation in this particular case. I hope I never have to be on a jury with this problem, HappyDad

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