Is There Anything That You'd Like to Talk About??

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  • minimus

    What's on your mind? Share your darkest, deepest thoughts with us......

  • ozziepost

    No, shan't!

  • Gadget

    Are you trying to get me locked up?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Stuck for questions Mini Mouse?

    Should I join the Masons?

    The ones I know are a nice bunch.

    (Except for for one ahole and he left them anyway, which is a good sign.)

  • gumby
    Share your darkest, deepest thoughts with us


    Heres an idea bout YOU share you deepest and darkest thoughts and we'll all watch and listen. Who the hell would want to do as you ask on an open forum unless they were as idiotic as you are? Peoples deepest and darkest thoughts are none of your damn buisness.


  • ozziepost

    Wham! Biff!

  • Terry

    My my!

    Have you ever seen such hostility?

    It is an innocent and inviting question. I'll bite.

    Here is what is on my mind. I compose music for a living. Nothing famous or even remarkable; just backgrounds for commercials, independant films, documentaries, etc. My problem is I like to compose outside of those venues too. But, my style of music doesn't find an audience easily. It is personal. It defies easy categorization. It isn't rap or hip-hop or C&W or Rock or....well, you get the idea. It is instrumental.

    I can't seem to figure out HOW to find a potential audience who might simply desire to listen to the music AS music.

    Any suggestions?

  • gypsywildone

    Ooooh, Gumbgrumpy, who peed in YOUR cherios this morning?

  • gumby

    GypsyWW....nobody peed in my cheerios, I just didn't care for this part of the question..........

    Share your darkest, deepest thoughts with us......

    Most people don't share this with the public.....that's all.


  • Annanias

    Terry - have them find you. One thing I've thought would be nice is a mood alteration/enhancement site that can be used at work. Since you can stream audio fairly easily today, it is something a people at work (chained to their machines in their cubes of hell) could use. Not necessarily a radio station with it's interruptions and demands on you attention and so forth, but a "scientifically" put together sequence of sounds (white noise, pink noise) and music. So, if I get to work in the morning and I am feeling "ok" (whatever that is), I can tune into a "mood extender" and if it's after lunch and I want to fight the PM fatigue, I connect to that. The selling point would be that a room full of engineers, CS people, or whoever, i.e. people who are supposed to "think" for a living, spend a lot of their personal energy blanking out all of the extraneous noises and distractions. Your music/enhancer assists them to do that and costs very little energy. Actually, it adds energy. You can have various levels of it: pre-meeting, post meeting, wind down to go home, wind up to create, etc. Your service isn't just "elevator" music, but an actual mood altering system, at least, that's the way you sell it.

    BTW - you don't want to know my deepest, darkest thoughts. Your monitor would melt.

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