update on Joy and Steve

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  • mpatrick


    We are so happy to hear that you made it through the storm without too much damage. You have constantly been in our thoughts. Take care of yourselves and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask....and if you need a place to stay, you are always welcome at our place!

    Give everyone at home a big hug from the Patrick Clan!

  • Simon

    Glad to hear you are all safe and sound ... we were worried !

  • Billygoat

    ((((((Joy and Steve))))))))

    I'm glad to know that you're doing well. I'm sorry to hear about your boat and the small portion of your home. But I'm VERY grateful that you and the family made it through intact. It's made my weekend!

    Love you to pieces,


  • jst2laws


    I am overwhelmed with your thoughts. Thank you all. I am so sorry we were not able to keep in touch during the storm and was afraid some would be concerned for us. I'm glad Mulan was able to set your minds at ease and that Joy was able to get online yesterday from work.

    We just got power back on last night so I am working on loading pictures now. I'll put them up in a little while. We didn't really suffer much loss at all but some who have been here may want to compare the present image with the past. Perhaps within the hour I can post the pics.


  • ozziepost

    Steve and Joy,

    You have been in our thoughts continually these past few days and we're so glad you're "still standing".

    For that we are most thankful.

    Hope you can get some rest soon.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It's good to hear you are OK Joy and Steve.

    It's a little windy here at the moment, I've just been outside and our trees are getting a thrashing and there is something large and obnoxious crashing its way down our street so I am pleased our boat is not in the water, but it's nothing like you have had over there.


  • outnfree

    ((((Happy, happy, Joy, joy, Steve, Steve!))))

    All I can say is PHEW! (and I wanted a ride on the bigger, better boat to come, anyway, right?) Glad all the Florida folks are okay, and how nice that your power is restored already. Am I gonna cry when you post those pics, Steve?

    Looks like Jeanne will give the gulf coast a break (but will Stinky be okay?), so my daughter can actually get some school in! Eckerd is going to have Saturday classes and has cancelled mid-term break. Substitute Mom Alert, Dana! We programmed your numbers into her cell phone before she headed back. I'll bet hotel rooms will be waaaay cheap for the next little while, dontcha think? Hope you had a splendid birthday, I'd have called, of course, but .... no long distance.

    Love to all,


  • WildHorses

    Joy and Steve, I am so glas you guys made it through the storm. Here in NC, the people in Franklin lost homes and lives to flooding because of it. Now I see we may be in for another one and a new storm is forming after that. (Karl, I believe it is named)

    Be careful out there all you fellow Southerners. It's going to be a bumpy month.

  • jst2laws


    Bear in mind, we were not hit hard compared to those west of us. We lost our beach, pieces of our upper deck and our sail boat. But in Escambia County and Walton County west of us have people lost their entire homes.

    Here are a few pics and I'm working on some more.


  • Mulan

    Looks like the BBQ survived. Whew!

    Great pictures, Steve.

    Try to get some of the boat too. **sobbing**

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