update on Joy and Steve

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  • Matty

    ((((((Joy and Steve))))))

    Very relieved you are OK - Lots of love from your fellow hurricane sufferers Matty & SpiceItUp!

    Now where's Jeanne heading!!!!??

  • Kenneson

    Happy to know that you are o.k. and that it's finally over.

  • blindfool

    I'm really happy to hear the good news from Steve and Joy.

    This storm has really been a rough one. I live in Georgia and tonight we are getting a few wind gusts up to 30 mph 300 miles from the coast. One of my customers in Pensacola has major damage to thier building. One customer in Panama City is not sure what his building looks like because, as of this afternoon, they have not allowed him back to check on it.

    Most of the damage seems to be from tornados that were part of the outer bands. There just isn't much you can do if you take a direct hit from a tornado.

    Joy and Steve, please let us know more when you can. We are all thinking of you.

  • bebu

    Thanks for posting this thread! I'm so glad to hear that you guys are okay.

    I've never heard of a dome home before; sounds like a good idea if you live on the coast over there!


  • Joyzabel

    *posting from work*

    Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone one who wished us well and those who thought about it.

    We are fine. The beach is not pretty. The winds finally died down this morning and the waves are back to "normal". Only about 2 feet. If and when we get our electricity back, we'll post pictures of the how lovely the beach is now and how close the water came up to our place. The pool next door got filled with ugly brown/green ocean water. So those who've been to our place will know how close the water came in.

    The tornado the went through PCB was 2 miles from us. It was very sad to hear of the casualty from it. Because of the damage from that tornado we'll be without electricity, phone and *gasp* internet for who know's when. They say weeks.

    Dave asked "That's good. Now tell us the important stuff, how's the boat?" I don't want to talk about that. Remember, it is a thing and can be replaced.

    Hugs to all of you, we'll stay in touch.


  • LittleToe

    Glad to hear you're safe, Joy.
    Things can be replaced eventually.
    Friends cannot

  • Joyzabel
    Things can be replaced eventually.
    Friends cannot


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ditto little toe;

    glad you guys are OK.....

    about the boat; er; um; you wanted a bigger , new one, anyway....

  • Angharad

    Glad to see you back Joy

    Hope you can get back to normal soon.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Sounds like you made it through.

    I'm happy about that.

    Will keep my eyes open for the pictures, Joy.

    Special K

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