Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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  • chasson

    Thanks Farkel for your insight, but is it possible to have an external proof rather the testimonies of insider. If on these passanger's records you can see the number of the cabin of Rutherford, you can corroborate what "apostate" have said concerning the use of the "first class affair" of the officer of the Watchtower.

  • Farkel

    :If on these passanger's records you can see the number of the cabin of Rutherford, you can corroborate what "apostate" have said concerning the use of the "first class affair" of the officer of the Watchtower.

    If anyone could find that kind of stuff, it would be Leolaia.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My father was a bodyguard to Rutherford and Knorr. Several brothers would spy on Rutherford having sex with a woman at Bethel. I don't know what sexual activity was involved. Celibacy was the rule. Women were filty and agents of Satan. Nothing so racy with Knorr.

    When my parents married, the local Kingdom Hall Witnesses refused to talk to them. The days were short before Armageddon. Marriage interfered with ministry. My father refused to even buy my mom a ring. The contrast with famous Bethelites was great. People left Bethel to marry and were ostracized. Marriage was grounds for dismissal from Bethel. Then Nathan Knorr became betrothed and it was suddenly holy.

    Despite knowing this stuff and other garbage, my parents were faithful. My mom and aunt would meet to discuss Bethel gossip, good naturedly. I was told very early that I was not permitted to date Bethelites because of their amoral conduct. My mom was adamant. How do you mark up a JW Watchtower for study and believe it, knowing what they did?

    I wonder if the gossip turns people off. It does show hypocrisy and different values for differently situated people. It is not very Godly for certain. One thing further about this information. In law and ethics in general, the appearance of impropriety is as bad as impropriety itself. Even if Rutherford were innocent (which I doubt), he had no business not ordering his personal life better to avoid such an impression. It reminds me so much of Monica Lewinsky or John Edwards. Both times I doubted the transgression b/c I could not believe any man with so much at stake could be such a total idiot. Look at Monica. She was so young. The senators could not make her understand the basic power dynamics in the relationship. Clinton knew of her psychological frailty. It boggles my mind. Look at Edward's slut, Rielle Hunter. Her lack of panties on GQ say so much about her character. Does anyone believe this was a meeting of the minds? Monica was older in wisdom years.

    Rutherford is typical of powerful men. But most powerful men, including the Pope, don't claim to have an exclusive pipeline to God. Once you cross that grotesque boundary, other boundaries fall easily. So women evidently have a purpose besides a hank of hair?

  • satinka

    Sounds believable to me.


  • lifeisgood

    I read a little bit of this stuff. Not really into spending several hours reading innuendo and conspiracy theories.

    I will say this, however. In my career I have traveled with women that I worked with. Sometimes more than one at a time, sometimes there were other men also. I always made certain that there could be no question of impropriety. I always thought that this was important.

    For a person in the Judge's position to live in such a way that there is a constant question of impropriety says that either he could care less about other people's feelings, or there was impropriety and he wasn't good at hiding it or didn't care to hide it.

    I don't know what the answer to this is, but either way this Judge character shows extremely bad judgement and a total lack of care and concern for other people. A true Christian would not behave this way.

  • lifeisgood

    One other point. I never knew that the Judge had a wife who stayed in California "due to her illness". I think a husband's first priority is to care for his wife. If my wife were "ill" and had to live in California, I would live in California. Or, I would find out from the doctors if it were not possible for my wife to live in New York (assuming I live in New York). If the doctor said "No, she can only live in California". Then, I would resign from the Watchtower headquarters and go to California to live and take care of my wife. I wouldn't think anything about it. My wife would come first, no discussion about that.

    For someone to leave his wife alone in California while she is supposedly ill, and not think anything about it tells me that this Judge character was some sort of crackhead. He kept a woman tied to him in a position where she could never remarry and he totally neglected her. In the meantime he wrote articles telling other people how to be Christians?

    And Jehovah's Witnesses can accept this kind of behavior? Are they insane?

  • hamsterbait


    Not only did Rutherford leave his wife alone in California whilst he was in NY -

    When he moved into his luxury mansion "Beth Sarim", along with two cadillacs, and his petite female dietician, he didn't invite his wife to join him, even tho he was only down the road in San Diego.


  • VM44

    From ARMAGEDDON, INC. By Stanley High, The Saturday Evening Post, September 14, 1940

    But Judge Rutherford is shielded from the world as no senator ever was. In Detroit he lived incommunicado at an unnamed hotel. During the four days, his 25,000 had two opportunities to see him at the opening and at the closing sessions. He was scheduled to make one appearance in between. But when the heat passed ninety-nine, it was cancelled.

    His associates are as loath to talk about him as they are to open the way to his presence. The movement, they say, is not of man but of God, and the less said about personalities the better.

    One or two personal items were unearthed. Apparently there is a Mrs. Rutherford. There is also a son. Whether they are Witnesses, no one seemed prepared to say.

  • homejah

    This type of info should be in a book. It is almost deep and informative.

  • JWdaughter

    Farkel, I am looking at stuff from 7 years ago and there was some speculation about Bonnie's marriage to Heath and the 'paternal' relationship she had with JFR. I was thinking of all the history I read (Love history!) and how frequently kings would marry off mistresses who were no longer needed/wanted/desired to some eminently respectable match-usually rich, titled, etc. That might well be the reasoning JFR had for setting Bonnie up with Heath, particularly if he was a JW who had a non-believing wife. This is one way of taking care of tying up the money of Coca Cola and taking care of the young girl(maybe lover) that had been a loved person in his life for a decade or so. Scummy? Perhaps, but for a kinglike ego, to manipulate such a thing would not be something he would be ashamed of, but rather, he probably buffed his nails against his $$suit lapels and said "what a good boy am I".

    Just my own speculation, for what it is worth. WOW what an old thread and oH so speculative and gossipy. :)

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