Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!

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  • safe4kids

    Okay, so I know it's not PC to be excited about a storm like Hurricane Frances, but I reckon since I'm stuck with it anyway, I may as well make the most out of it, hey? We are just now getting the first feeler bands from the storm...the wind is gusting HARD, blowing the rain in almost horizontal sheets. It's so cool! I'm sure I wouldn't be saying that if I were on the other coast, but we aren't going to see the worst of it on the west coast of Florida and I gotta admit...there's something very exhilarating about watching the force of nature. I sure hope I don't lose my screen porch though!


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Hang on tight, Dana!

    Country Girl

  • kls

    Safe4kids, even thou you won't get the brunt of the storm i feel for all you guys. Let us know how things are progressing or hopefully not progressing.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Hey Gal,

    Keep safe above all. You are going to get rain on rain, so do not travel!!!! Stay home, stay safe...

    Now about the cool factor.... I live in Indiana, and have experienced the after effects of a hurricane. The rain is intense and warm.... and smells of the sea. (salt water rain). It is a real treat to experience. ( I am not making light of a hurricane), just saying how it feels to feel the after effects of one. It is rare and wonderful if you are inland and safe....

    I love you all, and our prayers are with you. Please take care!!!!!!

  • Mulan

    Dana................post as long as you can. You will likely lose your electricity.

    I'm watching it on the news and am so relieved it isn't still a category 4. That would have been unbelievably horrific I'm sure.

    The rain is going to cause some real problems down there. Stay safe!!

  • safe4kids

    Hey y'all, thanks for the positive thoughts. We're in a lull right now, the rain stopped but the sky looks sooo awesome, with the clouds piled really high and thick.

    Little witch, I knew you weren't making light of things, and really, my heart goes out to the people who are in its direct path over on the other coast. I'm sure it will be really frightening for them, not to mention quite destructive.

    Mulan, I am expecting to lose power at some point but probably not until later today or tomorrow...we'll see. This storm is HUGE and I am very relieved as well that it's not a category 4. My area will probably experience some major flooding (as will a lot of the rest of the state) but where my house is situated, I should be okay. I'm on a little bit of a rise so the water drains down the street...my poor neighbors!


  • jst2laws

    Hey Safe,

    I guess it takes a hurricane to get you back here.

    Are the kids excited too?


  • little witch
    little witch

    I heard it said on television that most of the deaths were caused by flooding during a hurricane and not as many deaths by winds, thus my admonitions to not travel.

    I would be just scared to death if I lived in Florida. I remain worried for you all and in hopes of the best.


  • Valis

    Hey Dana! Stay safe4frances!


    District Overbeer

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi Dana. .. very nice to see you posting.

    Make sure you really do stay safe during this big one.

    Special K

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