Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!

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  • safe4kids

    Hey Wild, yup, still have power. We've just had some intermittent squalls come through. I'm thrilled I still have electricity coz now I get to watch The Amazing Race and Big Brother...woohoo!

    SP may be having worse weather than my area tho as she's closer to the east coast. Hope you're okay, SP.


  • LittleToe


    Glad to hear you're all okay over there.
    SP was looking for some excitement, last time around. Maybe she wont be so disappointed, this time.

    Take care

  • Panda

    Dana, Hold on tight!!!! You probably have been through hurricanes before but this one is supposed to be real strong... If you run out of water Minimus says to drink urine. I can't help it I just read that thread.

  • WildHorses

    Glad to hear you are alright. I'm watching the live coverage of the storm online. Looks wild.

    Sp, i'll say a little pray for you and your neck of the woods. Stay away from windows and if you have trees close to your house, stay away from the wall they are next to. One came crashing into my moms house during Fran.

  • notperfectyet

    My prayers are with those who are effected by this horrible storm.

  • simplesally

    I think they are in the storm but not in the epicenter........or eye of the storm. I don't think they are in the evacuation location...........not sure but I thought they are on the other coast of Florida.

  • StinkyPantz

    So far, so good.. thanks for all of the well wishes!

    ((Xandria)) thanks for the call!

  • Xandria


    Good to see you are all right thus far. I see that you are w/out power in some places. Please call me ( if you haven't been blown over the rainbow! (Gee that sounded Kinky...lol ) Stay safe.


  • outnfree

    ((((Dana & kids)))) and ((((SP & Mr.)))),

    Are you guys STILL gleefully gloating at Mother Nature's force?!!!!!! Sheesh! I'm here hoping you're all just SAFE!!!

    Mom outnfree [anxiously watching weather reports for how Ocala is being affected. That's where #2 daughter went to evacuate.]

  • safe4kids

    (((((((Ross, Panda, NPY, Wild, Sally, Outnfree)))))) Yeah, things here are a bit wild. The wind woke me EARLY this morning and the power/cable keep flickering on and off, but I'm amazed I still have either of them. There are roughly 2 million people without power right now, but so far, my area hasn't felt the brunt of the storm yet. I spoke with my sister earlier and they're doing okay-very glad not to have another direct hit so soon after Charley.

    Joy and Steve are hopefully making preparations as the storm will likely smack through the panhandle after it crosses the state but again hopefully won't have time to strengthen before it gets to them.

    Out, have you heard from #2 daughter yet? What a welcome to Florida she's received!


    P.S. Yes, I must admit I'm still enjoying the wind.

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