Witnesses on The Move.. More Lies Spoon Fed To The Media

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  • Cassiline
    I look around me and see the world is falling apart and am more than ready to go down with it so that good, descent peole can finally live free of tyranny and wickedness.

    The world has been falling apart since it's inception. You mention AIDS, what about the plague or influenza epidemics that killed millions?

    Wars from the begining of time?

    Earthquates and Floods from the beggining of time.

    The only thing that changes is the type of disaster, not that there has not been some in the past. The world is the same and not getting worse, just different from the past.


  • MBD

    Once again, someone thinks they know me.

    Therapy? I am a diagnosed bipolar and have been for most of my adult life. I went to therapists galore and was enrolled in Texas' MHMR program for a while. None of this ever worked. Thanks to strong family support and natural medicines I have become quite capable of living a good life with my wife of 4 years now. I am a very well adjusted human being with my priorities on life, love, and happiness. What makes you think I don't try to live my life? I hold down my dream job (and worked very hard for 4 years to get it). I am saving for a great retirement that will allow my family to travel the globe. I go out every week to have a good time with my wife who is my best friend. I draw. I paint. I read. I'm an aspiring fiction writer (not published yet). Research what has me in an uproar? I thought I had made that clear. This site is just one thing that has me in an "uproar". People throwing accusations around without evidence. So please keep throwing the assumptions of who I am my way. I get a good laugh.

    I have never seen evidence of sexism in the truth. Your very comment that "you didn't have a penis" tells me something of your character. That's as far as I'll go on that. There are many, many sisters at Bethel. So your not being accepted shows nothing to evidence any form of sexism. This also tells me that you may in fact be the one in need of therapy. You've taken a personal defeat (your not being accepted to Bethel) and turned it into an attack against the very organization you wanted to be a member of.

    Now...if you are disgruntled. So be it. But don't be part of a group that has no objective other than to spread lies about a group of people who are trying to do nothing more than live a life of truth, love, and kindness. Where is the logic in that? Why do people want to attack others who simply want to live a life that pleases God? Your motives are suspect.

    Open my eyes? I thought I had made that adequately clear in my last post, so I won't comment on this other than to say what more could I do to "open my eyes"? Please advise.

    I'm not sure I see the point of the UN doc. I welcome an explanation of it's damning evidence against the Witnesses.

  • MBD

    In response to Cassiline:

    You are correct. I heard a good quote from an intelligent man once. Every evil that man can perpetrate has already been perpetrated in the first 100 years of his existence. It's just been repeated over and over and over.

    The point? Yes, things have been bad since the beginning. But the very fact that they ARE that bad is what needs to STOP! It just must STOP! God will stop it. And if he doens't or there is no God? I weep for the species that is content to continue allowing these atrocities in the name of "it's always been this way and always will".

    But...you aren't 100% correct. I stated many facts in my post to help show this. Please, research it yourself. There are tons of good sources to help you see just how bad things are getting. No one who really looks it up will argue with me that crime is better, poverty is better, war is better...etc.... Unless they didn't really look it up or simply wish to do so to argue.

  • MBD

    Look. At first, I felt justified doing this. But this isn't right. I'm not going to do this anymore. Nothing good will come of this and I am wasting my breath here. A good scripture comes to mind but I won't invoke it. I'm not here to insult anyone. And if I were an active Witness, I know any good Elder would tell me to not even bother with a site like this. There's more chance I would contaminte myself than there ever would be that I would help someone wake up and turn around from their badness.

    With that, I wish you all well as humans trying to live on this planet in peace, but I condemn your actions, or more importantly your words, against the society and her people.

    In the future, all I ask is that those of you who like to make assumptions about who someone is, you think before you speak again. I know I will. I'm as guilty of making assumptions as anyone.

    And verify your facts! Don't believe things you read.

  • MBD

    Sorry...one final comment I forgot to address above....

    No one ever said meeting attendance was required for the gift of everlasting life. God gives it freely. Meetings are for your benefit and the society has always stated this.

    Any pioneer would know this. I'm amazed you don't. Or should I be?

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Back on topic:

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    ... Jehovah's Witnesses, who in earlier years faced similar fines after some of their congregations were denied registration, told Forum 18 the problem has been ...

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  • Nosferatu
    I'm not sure I see the point of the UN doc

    *** Watchtower November 15, 2001 p.19 ***

    [Scan available!]

    'No Calamity Will Befall Us'


    14 Anointed Christians are like alien residents living in tents apart from this system of things. Not even a plague draws near their tent. Whether our hope is heavenly or earthly, we are no part of the world, and we are not infected by such spiritually deadly plagues as its immorality, materialism, false religion and worship of the 'wild beast' and it's 'image', the United Nations.

  • observador

    Hi MBD.

    First of all, welcome to the board. Here we discuss and debate ideas.

    "I will not post again to this forum, as I was looking for a forum of people that were uplifting one another and came across just the opposite. Feel free to rant at me."

    You see, MDB, this is a typical JW attitude: not willing to debate. Since you have the "truth", why debate anything, right? First you come, throw a stone and more than quick you leave fooling yourself with the feeling that you won once again.

    Come on, I know you can do better. Stick around a little longer, let's debate the issues that are important to all of us, and who knows?, you may even come out feeling you're worth a little more than bird's food.

    Observador (the only active brazilian 'postate on the board) :)

  • cruzanheart
    I'm as guilty of making assumptions as anyone.

    Yes, you are! Guess I really touched a nerve in you, MBD, from all the wild assumptions you're making about ME. My application to Bethel was about 25 years ago and had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to leave the Witnesses. I merely mentioned it because of what you said about applying for Bethel -- that's called "finding a common ground" with someone you are trying to converse with. And, yes, there are many women at Bethel, but most of them are married or have special skills. They RARELY take a single woman, which is what I was at the time. Perhaps you never saw any evidence of sexism in the congregation you were in, but I've been in many congregations in my lifetime and I've seen a lot. And, honest, I've never ONCE in my life had penis envy! I like being female and my husband likes it that way too.

    I'm glad you found your soulmate. I did too and we're still happily married after 21 years. He left the Witnesses about 15 years before I did, and very patiently waited for me to see the same things he did.

    No one ever said meeting attendance was required for the gift of everlasting life. God gives it freely. Meetings are for your benefit and the society has always stated this.

    Every elder I've talked to since I left (and there are precious few who have bothered to talk with me) told me that I HAVE to go to meetings or I won't have Jehovah's holy spirit and direction and thus will not be able to survive Armageddon.

    Now, as for my reasons for leaving:

    1. Lack of love: After my husband left I attended meetings on my own for 15 years, the last few of them with our two children. Once I had no husband by my side, I became invisible. Never mind that I ALWAYS made comments at EVERY meeting (and that is not a cognitive distortion), elders found it hard to remember my name. I took care to invite children to my house to play with mine, but my children were rarely invited to their houses. The final straw for me was when our then 6-year-old son came down with a rare virus that caused post-viral arthritis. He was in screaming agony for about 4 weeks and finished Kindergarten in a wheelchair. I'd missed a few weeks of meetings because of his illness but no one called or came by to see how I was, but that's okay because I was used to it. When I attended a Sunday meeting, finally, with our son in a wheelchair, out of 150 people only three came up to ask what happened. The Presiding Overseer came up to me after the meeting, as I was leaving, and asked "what happened to him?" I started to tell him, but after a few seconds he interrupted and said, "well, Jehovah will give you strength to endure," and walked off. THAT was the last straw. There is no way I will endure watching my children treated badly by a group of people who delight in telling the evil worldly people how much better they are than any other religion in the world.

    2. Lack of love: While all this was going on with our son, my dad was having his own problems in another congregation. He was an elder for 40 years, professed to be of the anointed, and the only one who stood by my husband through his problems with the Witnesses. For his pains in standing up for a victim of child abuse (my husband), my dad never received another district convention part, and he used to have talks in all of them. Anyway, in 2001 we had to put my mom in a nursing home because she had Alzheimer's and Dad could no longer take care of her. Something snapped in him after that and he had a brief affair with a lady at his retirement home. He confessed to the elders and was disfellowshipped. He repented about 8 days after they announced the disfellowshipping, and the elders made him grovel for a year before reinstating him. They picked on him for every little thing. But he stuck it out and got reinstated; unfortunately, after that no one seemed to remember or care about his years of faithful service. The elders continued to pick on him, no one invited him out to dinner or to their house for any kind of social activity, and he became quite depressed. He talked to the circuit overseer about how lonely he was and the C.O.'s brilliant suggestion was: "Well, YOU take the initiative and invite people over." Hmmm, a 77-year-old man on a fixed income, living in a retirement home -- what was wrong with that advice? Three days later, Dad attempted suicide. He was not successful at that time (September 2002), but in February of 2003 he was successful. If you do a little digging around on this board you'll find the letter I wrote to the elders and the Society's subsequent (3 months later) reply.

    3. Child abuse: In my dad's congregation was a young man, age 15, who at age 14 sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl, also a member of the congregation. He was sent to juvenile detention for a year. When he came out his parents wanted to attend the same congregation even though the little victim and her family were still there. When the victim's family objected, as did many others in the congregation, the elders told them that they HAD to accept the sex offender back in that congregation (there are three others that meet in the same Hall) and gave a local needs talk on forgiveness. They also threatened disfellowshipping to anyone who talked about it. I was attending that congregation with my children at that time, and I knew nothing of this until one of the sisters told me not to let my children go to the bathroom by themselves. I found this kid's pictures on the Texas Sex Offender Database, and here he was invited to every social function, holding babies on his lap at the meetings, like nothing ever happened. The victim's family left, never to return. Do you blame them?

    People throwing accusations around without evidence.

    The above examples are the ones for which I have first-hand knowledge, so you can't say that I'm making unfounded accusations.

    I'm not here to insult anyone.

    Too late.

    you may in fact be the one in need of therapy

    I did go to therapy and it helped a lot. When I first left the Witnesses I experienced severe panic and anxiety attacks, and talking it out through therapy helped. After my dad's suicide, therapy was VERY useful. I may find myself going back again, but I think most of my issues have been worked out for the moment.

    I welcome an explanation of it's damning evidence against the Witnesses.

    Okay, if you're going to be a writer, would you PLEASE work on your use of apostraphes? It's a real pet peeve of mine: you should have said "ITS damning evidence" NOT "IT'S." "It's" is a contraction of "it is" and "its" is a possessive pronoun. Not hard if you give it some thought.


  • SYN

    Hey MBD, consider yourself Farkeled(TM).

    No sexism in the Organization? You've gotta be kidding me! Since when has a member of the Governing Body been a woman?

    You'll get some more respect around here when you answer all the questions, point by point...instead of just throwing up your hands and saying, "I'm right, but I couldn't be bothered explaining myself, 'cause I know I'm right..."


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