Is There ANYTHING That You Still Believe In From The JWs?

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  • davidsf

    Yes I still believe in a few things:

    1) Using God's name, Jehovah. I still use it. People ask me if I'm a JW and I have to tell them no and that I just happen to use God's name.

    2) Certain holidays like Halloween and Christmas are not Christian, although I'm not against celebrating them.

    3) Racial equality. Not that this is a particular JW teaching, but I do think the degree to which JWs promote this is unique and unmatched by any other religion or organization.

    4) Trinity doctrine is false.

    Probably some others but those come to mind first.

  • gumby

    That Babylon the Great is a whore?

    Actually....some of her is.....and some of her isn't. The witnesses did a good job in faultfinding ....and spoke many truths against religion, yet rarely ever noted some of the good it has produced in many lives ......


  • Farkel


    : But Wednesday, what if your therapist is wrong and you rot in hell?

    What if her therapist is wrong and she rots in her REAL LIFE? Would you rather rot in the REAL world or worry about rotting in the UNKNOWN world, minimus?

    Farkel, who hates rot no matter where it comes from

  • shamus

    I believe in absolutley nothing that those people believe in. I do believe that people in the "high-control group" have to want answers.... I don't believe in pushing answers on them when they are still in brain-zap mode.

    After all, most of them have family, friends, they're whole life in it. By pushing the truth about "the troof" you push them away.

    Common sense and time have a strange way of sorting out truth from full-on bible-based (rolls eyes) "reality" where people will kiss tigers and play with serpents whilst dancing about the dasies forever and ever... er um... after armageddon, and after the final 1,000 years test.... or whatever the ef those goofballs are teaching now. It changes too... what was I saying? How manymore tests are they going to have?

    Oh wait... I don't give a crap either way because it's complete b.s.

  • Undecided

    I have no idea of what to believe, so I believe in nothing. I just go day by day and wonder what's really going on in the universe, since we are such an insignificant part of it all. It seems we are just another animal with a little more thinking power. Sometimes I do thank a creator for life and nature and sometimes curse him for mosquitoes, viruses, parasites, tornadoes, cancer, etc.

    I don't know of any thing I believe that was taught by JWs or any other religion.

    Ken P.

  • Mary

    Hmmm....let's see:

    1. I don't believe in a Trinity........makes no sense to me whatsoever. Jesus was a Jew and Jews have never believed God to be three-in-one. I believe Jesus was basically how the Dubs describe him: a perfect human being.
    2. I believe in Jehovah or Yahweh
    3. I don't believe that when you die that that's it. Either there's gonna be a future resurrection here on earth, or there's an afterlife.
    4. I believe there's a Satan and he's got a hoard of demons
    5. I believe it's your Right as a Dub to get bombed out of your scull at every Witness wedding you attend. While not an official teaching, it's expected.

    That's about it!!

  • Sunspot

    **Do you use the name "Jehovah" when referring to God?

    Only when replying to JWs who post on a the JW Debate forum. Otherwise---no.

    **Yes. "Religion is a snare and a racket."

    THERE ya go, Fark!!!

    ** Is There ANYTHING That You Still Believe In From The JWs?

    I believe that Jesus was the son of God, walked the earth, was crucified and was raised up to prove he had given his life for us.

    (Of course--the "raised up" part was pretty much hidden and glossed over by the WTS)

  • M.J.

    There appears to be lots of ex-dubs out there who still accept the Bible as the word of God yet don't accept some of the mainstream Christian teachings (i.e., Trinity, hell, etc.).

    I'm curious. Do you feel that there is just no significant orgainized group out there that really has it right? And thus your faith by default is strictly a personal, isolated thing?

  • minimus

    Farkel, are you tryin' to make me feel rotten?

  • Crazy151drinker

    I think all the ladies should wait until they get married.

    Or at least until they meet me

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