Are women more beautiful than men?

by Vita Nuova 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • ball.

    Well we had a local needs talk to try to stop the local young sisters sun bathing semi-nude on our beach. And he put it quite well. He said, "God has made the female body the most desirable thing to a man".

    The bit I disagreed with was that you can put all that temptation you want in front of my eyes!!!

  • Celtic

    Women are the most beautiful species on the planet. In a complete package with kindness, loyalty, charisma, sense of humour, intelligence, gracefulness ..... words fail me, they are too beautiful for words.

    Celtic is at a loss for words at last.

  • Stefanie


  • Celtic

    Welllllll don't start me off Stefanie, but it be true, look at you as a species, I mean I know lots of you can be right ruddy cantankerous creatures, but, when many of those good qualities are piled into a beautiful lady's body then I have to say that motor car design has a ruddy long way to go. And I say that about, hmmmmm I'm going to have to be careful here, my minds firing up on the subject, blimey though, women. They're gorgeous.

  • Sunnygal41
    not only yes, but hell yes, women are more beautiful, sexier, nurturing, the list goes on

    Once was hetero........heading towards bi.........but, still, think women are just more beautiful........attractive, curvaceous..........whatever............I've always loved to draw the female figure more than the male.........


  • Sunnygal41
    I know lots of you can be right ruddy cantankerous creatures

    Celtie, from all your "comments" I would guess I'm amongst those "craethures"

    (Glad I at least know what Celtie thinks of ME!")


  • jwbot

    I am bi but like females more...initially I would say "FEMALES ARE THE PRETTIEST!"

    but with more thought, I have seen some striking women, where they have taken my breath away. BUT I have also seen some men like this too...some model looking guy in the Union at my was beautiful.

  • rocketman

    I think women are the pinnacle of beauty - the highest standard of beauty in all creation.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    ding! ding! ding! Rocketman gets 3 bonus girlfriendly points :)

  • Dan-O

    Women are more beautiful than men. But us guys can pee while standing without getting our shoes wet. I'm comfortable with this arrangement.

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